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Carly Parkinson, Teacher - Year 1 (Kingfisher)

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I have been a teacher at Bridgewater Primary School since 2013 and I have worked in both Reception and Nursery. During this time I have also extended my family and given birth to two beautiful children! Before Bridgewater I worked in a village primary school in Northamptonshire, supporting and working with staff to improve and develop their Early Years department. 


Throughout my career I have listened to many conversations between the children in my care and have always enjoyed listening to them talk openly about themselves and their families! In the Early Years sometimes it is hard to know what is real and what can only be described as vivid imaginations!


As a teacher I think there are so many rewards - some are obvious and some you don’t expect. My most rewarding moment since becoming a teacher has to be seeing the face of a child I was working with, who found writing very challenging, light up when he independently completed a sentence that his peers could read. This reinforced my belief that all children can achieve their goals if given time, the right support and allowed to explore their learning in a range of ways. 


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