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Governor attendance at meetings 2018/19


Governor attendance at governing body meetings 2018/19 academic year (please see the archived page for previous years' attendance)


Name FGBM September 18 FGBM November 18 FGBM January 19 FGBM March 19 FGBM May 19 FGBM July 19 Pay Committee    
Helen Simpson                  
Leon Roberts                  
Rachel Shaw                  
Laura Carlisle                  
Kim Bristow                  
Chris Musker                  
Tracey Yarker                  
Andrea Bettridge                  
Lauren Hill                  
Imogen Wagstaff                  
Alan Drew                  
Parent vacancy                  
Christine Sims                  
Joanna Handyman                  
Caren Doodson                  




FGBM = Full Governing Body Meeting 

Y = attended

A = absenct, apologies accepted

X = absent, apologies not accepted

N/A = not applicable, attendance not expected at that meeting because that governor had not yet been appointed to the governing body or had resigned