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Full of knowledge, full of passion


We're proud of the amazing team we've assembled here at Bridgewater Primary School. Whether seasoned professionals or those that choose Bridgewater as their first school, all of our teachers, teaching assistants and support staff share our belief in togetherness and creating an environment that makes children feel safe enough to take the risks needed to really learn and develop character.

Senior leadership team

Caren Doodson

Head Teacher

Jenny Berry

Assistant Head & Reception Teacher (Goldcrest)

Andrea Bettridge


Assistant Head, Y2 Teacher (Swift) & PE Subject Lead


Special educational needs and disabilities

Faye Hine

Special Educational Needs and Disabilities
Co-ordinator (SENDCo)

Clare Sayers


Intervention Teaching Assistant


Teaching staff

Maura Patterson

Nursery Teacher (Ducklings)

Ria Hales

Nursery Teacher (Ducklings) & Manager Rialize

Kathy Beaumont

Reception Teacher (Goldcrest) & French Subject Lead

Rachel McGuire

Reception Teacher (Firecrest) & Phonics Lead

Rebecca Mitchell

Reception Teacher (Firecrest) & History/Geography Subject Lead

Gabbie Wesley

Year 1 Teacher (Wagtail) & PSHCE / School Council Subject Lead

Katie Burrows

Year 1 Teacher (Kingfisher)

Amanda Gough

Year 2 Teacher (Swallow) & Literacy Subject Lead

  Marianne Cresswell

   Year 2 Teacher (Swallow) - Fridays only 

  Pippa Rothery

   Year 2 Teacher (Swift) & RE Subject Lead

Matthew Griffiths

Year 3 Teacher (Owl) & Maths Subject Lead

Jo Hardyman

Year 3 Teacher (Kestrel), Pastoral Lead & ICT Subject Lead 

Becky Brown

Year 4 Teacher (Mallard) & Science Subject Lead

Sarah Roberts


Year 4 Teacher (Teal) & Art/DT Subject Lead


Teaching assistants

Sarah Ansell

Year 3 Teaching Assistant/Office Assistant

Lisa Berryman

Forest School & Teaching Assistant

Sarah Brydon

Year 3 Teaching Assistant & Midday Supervisor

Sue Coleman

Year 2 Teaching Assistant

Kelly Cornish

Reception Teaching Assistant

Tanya Gibbs-Jones

Year 4 Teaching Assistant & Midday Supervisor

Tanya Gaze

Reception Teaching Assistant & Midday Supervisor

Natalie George

Year 1 Teaching Assistant

Stacy Giles

Nursery Teaching Assistant & Midday Supervisor

Jo Head

Year 1 Teaching Assistant

Sian Maguire

Reception Teaching Assistant

Ana Marsh

Nursery Teaching Assistant

Claire Nelson

Year 4 Teaching Assistant

Christine Scoot

Year 2 Teaching Assistant

Emma Stollar

Year 1 Teaching Assistant & Midday Supervisor

Lizzie Thomas

Teaching Assistant & Midday Supervisor


Admin staff


Helen Holmes-Higgin

Office Manager

Nicky Halsey

Office Administrator / Cover Supervisor 

Alex Wheeler

Office Administrator

Jules McEachran


Office Assistant




Site supervision

Neville Endersby


Site Supervisor


Midday supervision

Jo Davies

Midday Supervisor

Karen Delderfield

Midday Supervisor

Alison Lee-Fantham

Midday Supervisor

Ella Gardener

Midday Supervisor

Graham McFeeters

Midday Supervisor

Lakshmi Narayanan

Midday Supervisor

Ingerlise Pope

Midday Supervisor

Oksana Sullivan

Midday Supervisor