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Sporting News

Sporting News

Welcome to our Sports Crew


Our sports crew assist our sports coaches with lunchtime clubs, write reports for sporting fixtures, speak at sport assemblies and help in planning our various sporting events.


Our sports crew members are passionate about sport and have a desire to inspire others and promote sport within the school.

Sports Crew 2017/18

Sports Crew 2017/18 1

Sporting Assemblies


We celebrate our 'Sporting Superstars’ each term through our sports assemblies.


Autumn Term – Monday 18th December 2017 (8:50am)

Spring Term –Thursday 22nd March 2018 (8:50am)

Summer Term – Wednesday 18th July 2018 (8:50am)


Events and Match Reports


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Sporting Newsletter


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Our Sporting Links


Dacorum Schools Sports Network (DSSN)

A partnership between schools is vital to develop PE. We are part of the Dacorum Schools Sports Network (DSSN) which provides initiatives and resources to share good practice which is key to developing PE in the schools across the network. The network also provide access to inter-school competitions for all year groups.


Arsenal Ladies Sister School Programme

The Arsenal Ladies Sister School Programme supports the development of girls’ football in Primary and Secondary Schools creating the opportunity for more girls to play football. The programme aims to:


· Inspire every girl to fall in love with playing football

· Create a new generation of Arsenal Ladies fans

· Leave a legacy to give teachers the confidence and skills to deliver football to girls