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Earlier this year the school made a commitment to feedback to each and every question that was raised through our Parent Forum.  Below you'll find a digest of the questions that were raised and the school's response. 


Can parents' evening consultation slots be longer?

In response to your feedback, we changed to 10 minute slots with extra time to look at your child's books before and after your teacher consultation. We were pleased to see positive feedback on this at the next parents' evening. 


Can class assemblies be at the start or end of the day?

Class assemblies now take place immediately after drop-off. This means changing our school timetable on those days but we hope it is more convenient for parents and avoids breaking up your day.


The top playground is too congested at drop-off

We have painted a line on the top playground behind which parents and children who do not attend Bridgewater are asked to wait. Our pupils will line up when the whistle blows and parents are asked to say goodbye to their children before they join the line.


What is being done to stop so many people bringing cars to school?

We know that families need to be encouraged not to drive to school - we don't have space for everyone's cars as the school grows - and we work with our neighbours to ensure that those who do drive remember to park appropriately. We've had a real push on travel since the summer of 2015 including Bike Week, Walking Week and our Road Monster Campaign with a visit from the fire brigade and Buster the Step-o-saurus. We've had a really positive reaction to this and initial feedback is that car use has declined and parking has improved.


I'd like to get more involved at school but I'm not sure how

We've prepared a list of all the volunteering opportunities available to parents and grandparents. You can find this on the homepage of the school website under "Get Involved" and then "Volunteering". We'll also have a volunteering newsletter to show you what our volunteers have been up to and give you some ideas of how to get involves. You can contact us about volunteering via email: 


Lots of great things go on in school but you need to be better at sharing photos of events to update parents

We have taken that on board and lots of photos of school life appear on our new school website. We also post photos very regularly on our school Twitter accounts (@Bridgewater_Sch, @BWVolunteering, @BWTravelGroup and @BridgewaterGovs) which in turn feed through onto the homepage of the school website (see the bottom of the homepage - you don't need a Twitter account to view the updates and photos). 


Why do we still have to fill in paper forms and use cheques?

We are moving towards a paperless system. Parents are encouraged to complete forms via the Forms section of ParentMail and to pay via WisePay. If anyone has any problems with those systems, please contact the school office for assistance. We are also moving to an online system for booking parents' evenings and tickets for other events. 


We'd like to know more about what governors do

Governors now produce a termly newsletter which summarises the work we have been doing that term. Governors also send to parents a termly link visit report and have a governor "stand" at events (such as parents' evening) at which we can speak to parents to answer any questions.


The arrangements for returning by coach from school trips such as the pantomime need to be improved

New arrangements are in place for 2016/17 which we will trial when we visit the pantomime. A new travel plan has been agreed and will be communicated via ParentMail to parents in advance of the trip. 


How can parents give day-to-day feedback about the school?

A new email address - - has been set up to enable parents to get in touch with members of the school's senior leadership team.


We'll be adding more examples to this page over the coming days and weeks.