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At Bridgewater we place a strong emphasis on high levels of attendance from all our pupils. There is extensive evidence about the negative impact absence has on children's academic achievements.


Please ensure:

  • All holidays are taken outside term time.

  • All routine medical appointments (e.g. routine visits to the GP or dentist) are made outside school hours.

  • Children arrive on time for the school day.


In common with other local authority primary schools, children at Bridgewater Primary can only take time off in the school year in exceptional circumstances. Permission must be obtained from the Headteacher well in advance (usually with no less than three weeks' notice) including for hospital appointments and any other absences. The form on which to seek the Headteacher's permission for a term time absence is here (located in the About Us: Forms and Useful Information section of this website).


Parents should be aware that if they do not seek approval in advance, they may be subject to a fine from the Local Authority in accordance with its guidance (no matter how good a child's attendance has otherwise been). While we hope that will never be necessary, it is a real possibility if parents do not comply with the school's attendance policy. The school's Governing Body fully supports the Headteacher in ensuring that the attendance policy is complied with, both because of the disruption that absences cause but also because of the clear statistical link between school attendance and educational achievement. 


Unless there are exceptional circumstances, the school will routinely contact any parent whose child has less than 95% attendance and / or who is late for more than three sessions in a half term. 


Below is a letter to parents from the Headeacher setting out more information on attendance, including an update following the clarification provided by the Supreme Court on this subject in early 2017. Our attendance policy can be found here (located on the Policies page of this website).


Thank you in advance for your cooperation.