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Caren Doodson, Head Teacher

I have worked at Bridgewater since 2003 as deputy head and I became head teacher when the school changed to a primary school in 2013. I was originally trained to teach secondary children and have moved through middle to primary and I am loving it.

I am very proud of the school we are creating; I want all the children to be the best they can be, to take risks and to develop confidence to go out and take the world by storm. We are building a rich learning environment where we want children to feel they belong and are safe. We have an amazing outdoors where the children can learn whilst having fun whatever the weather. 

Being a teacher at Bridgewater is incredibly rewarding. I am surrounded by children who bring joy and surprises into my life every day. 

Bridgewater is a fantastic community of staff, pupils and families all working together rain or shine to prepare our children for an ever changing world where they can continue their lifelong journey of learning.