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Chiltern Educational Trust Update 5th July 2019


Ashlyns School, Bridgewater Primary School, Greenway Primary & Nursery School, Swing Gate Infant & Nursery and Westfield Primary & Nursery have been working together over a long period to form a multi academy trust, to be known as the Chiltern Educational Trust. The Governing Body of Ashlyns School had initiated that process and the four feeder schools were excited to be involved in closer collaboration. 
The Governing Body of Ashlyns School has however, now decided to withdraw from the process of forming the Chiltern Educational Trust. 
All schools involved continue to remain committed to ensuring that the high quality of education currently delivered to our children will be maintained and that collaborative working between all local schools will remain a priority, for the benefit of all children in the town. 


Multi-Academy Trust

We are delighted to announce that the Department for Education has approved our five schools forming a Multi Academy Trust (MAT). Academy Orders have been granted for Ashlyns School, Bridgewater Primary School, Greenway Primary and Nursery School, Swing Gate Infant School and Nursery and Westfield Primary School and Nursery. This is an exciting partnership to strengthen, for the long term, the already high-quality education provided for children and young people across Berkhamsted.

We have adopted a new name for our MAT – Chiltern Educational Trust. Whilst the Trust will have its own website and identity, the names of each of the five schools will remain the same. Teaching staff, pupils and parents will see no practical difference in the day-to-day running of their schools. The five schools’ uniform, logos, website etc will not change.

We wish to reassure you all, but particularly staff and parents at Swing Gate, that we will continue to work in close collaboration with our faith school neighbours within the town and with all other schools within the locality.



Please see documents below for further information:


Consultation Outcome Documents

Please find a document below explaining the outcome of the Consultation to becoming a Multi-academy Trust.