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Hertfordshire School Nursing

If you have concerns about your child’s emotional health and well-being you can call the school nursing service on 0300 123 7572 for more information.


Please click on this YouTube link to view their exciting animated film that will guide you through their School Nursing Service and what they offer. Their service is aimed at children and young people aged from 5-19 years, who attend mainstream schools in Hertfordshire. 


The School Nursing Service is part of the Hertfordshire Family Centre Service. The Service brings children’s centres, health visiting and school nursing together to provide a more joined up service for children, young people and their families from pregnancy through to when a child reaches 19. There is a range of different support groups, activities and services on offer for children and their families to help them be healthy, grow and develop. Families can access available services from any Hertfordshire Family Centre, allowing them to fit sessions and services around busy family lives. For more information, visit the Family Centre Service website.


The School Nursing Service works together with children and young people their parents/carers and school staff, to provide a comprehensive efficient and accessible service which:

  • Helps children keep healthy during their school days and for the rest of their lives
  • Prevents ill health in children and the local community
  • Supports children with medical needs and those needing medication
  • Ensures that educational potential is not hampered by unmet health needs
  • Monitors and supports families in relation to Hertfordshire Safeguarding Policies

When your child commences school at the age of five, care is transferred from the Health Visiting Service to the School Nursing Service.