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During the school closure, teachers will post work onto the class pages daily.

We will often be using online learning resources that the children use regularly, Poisson Rouge.

For Poisson Rouge please use login: corona2020 password: corona2020

If your child has forgotten their log in for the other websites, please email your teacher.





Family Learning. 12th February

The Great Race

11th February

12th February

10th February 2021

Hello. Nin-hao. (Ne-how)

9th February

Chinese numbers. Have a go at writing Chinese numbers. You could use black paint or a felt tip pen.

WB 1st February Family Learning

This week we have been artist, explorers, dancers, scientists, builders, problem solvers, writers, sound controllers ...........................................

A Colour Song to brighten up your Friday. Enjoy, you can only be happy when you watch this.

Firstly apologies for how I have had to post the story on the website, my computer is 'struggling' but is going to be looked at on Tuesday. With this in mind I will post all this weeks work here, just in case my computer is not returned to me. Please listen to the story each day before starting on the task.


Monday - Today's challenge is to mix colours. You could use paint or food colouring ( I hope you have some in at home). If you are painting, have several colours out and then encourage your child to mix two colours, ask them what colour do they think they will make and then they can try. If you are using food colouring mix some dishes or cups of 'coloured water'. They could use a spoon and put a spoonful of one colour in a new dish and add another colour - this can get messy be warned. Ask them questions as they go, to get them thinking as they experiment.


Tuesday - In 'Mixed,' the reds are loud. For your challenge today, I would like you to find something red maybe a pencil or a brick and another object of a different colour to represent quiet. When red is held up you need to sing loudly when the quiet colour is held up you need to lessen the volume. Have fun with this, adults demonstrate to children how it works, then let the children control the volume!


Wednesday - Today's challenge is to sort things into colours, it may be a box of cars, bricks or pretend food. Just like in 'Mixed' all the colours move to be together can you create a place for each colour?



Can you join Mrs Marsh singing her 'Colour Song'?

Thursday - In 'Mixed', all the colours decide to only live with others that are the same as them. Today I want you to look at who lives in your house, are you all the same? Look at peoples eyes, are they the same colour? What about hair, do you all have the same colour and the same hairstyle? Are you all the same high who is the tallest, who is the smallest? Your challenge for today is to draw a picture of all the people in your house, can you choose the right colour for the eyes, hair? I look forward to seeing your creations.


Friday - Mrs Ria mentioned in last weeks Family Learning we would be using Skittles, I hope we gave you enough time to get some. Today's task is an experiment. On a white plate I want you to make a big circle of skittles in the plate. Now I am going to ask you to pour on water - what do you think will happen? Gently pour warm water onto the plate, enough to cover the skittles. Now watch..... what is happening? If you have any skittles left, try making different patterns,maybe a line and watch what happens.If you don't have skittles, watch what happens below.

Kids Experiment - SKITTLES RAINBOW

Family Learning. 25.01.21

25th January 2021

Hello Ducklings. I hope you all had a great time in the snow this weekend.
This is one of my favourite stories. Enjoy.

29th January

Use your listening ears to identify the sound.Take turns at making the sounds and guessing. You can use keys, saucepans & spoons, cup and spoon.

28th January

Make your own Royal Lullabyhullaballoo book


Can you make a quite sound and loud sounds?

26th January

Design a crown.

Wk Beg: 25th January 2021

WB 18th January 2021 Family Learning

Sing along with Mrs Francis, 5 cheeky monkeys, this will make you feel happy. Can you beat Mrs Patterson in the biscuit challenge below?

WB 18th January 2021 Dear Zoo

21st January 2021, Today's challenge is to listen to 'Dear Zoo' again and I want you to move like the animals in the book. Perhaps you can move like an animal from the story and your adult can guess whcih animal you are. I have also made a film of me outside, you need to use your special listening ears and listen to the sounds you can hear. Adults, we work a lot on listening as this helps phonics. We need to be able to hear the sounds in the words in order to break them down to sound them out or read them. Listen......

Great news, Felix wanted to introduce his new sister, Etta.

20th January 2021 Snake Counting. Make sure you watch Mrs Marsh (below) singing a counting song.

Alice the camel sung by Mrs Marsh, sing along, it is very catchy!

19th February 2021, Listen to 'Dear Zoo' again, the story is all about wanting a pet. Todays challenge is all about pets. I want you to imagine you can have any pet you want (this is only pretend!) I want you to think about what your pet would eat, where would they sleep? What would they need to exercise? A penguin would need a pool to swim in. Can you draw a picture of your pet, what colours will you need to use? I have included a picture of my pet Harry, he is 15 years old and likes to sit on my lap or in front of the fire. He likes cat food but much prefers roast chicken. I look forward to seeing your drawings.

Dear Zoo positional language

Your challenge for today is using the positional language such as underneath, behind, on top, next to, by the side etc. Watch the clip and have a go. Adults make mistakes so that your child can 'help you' and show you where the animal should be. Enjoy

Goldilocks & 3 Bears

Friday 15th.

Hello Ducklings, as we have been doing the story of Goldilocks and the 3 Bears, I thought it might be a good idea to make some porridge.  Have you eaten porridge before?  what do you like to add to your porridge?  Is there anything else you can make using porridge oats?  

For the children at school I hear there are visitors in the Meadow, can you find them?

For the children at home, "if you go down to Bridgewater today your sure of a big surprise"!  (Parents if you walk up by the school who can you find)?  Happy hunting.smiley

Thursday 14th


Hello Ducklings,I  hope you are all keeping busy. I am loving all your pictures. It helps to see all your smiley faces.

Todays job is an interactive game.  Teddy needs help with numbers. Parents this game can be found at . Parents you know your child and knowledge of numbers. There are numbers to 5, 10. 

I have also added a paper copy. Perhaps  you could cut out the teddy and cakes use post it notes for the number of cakes for teddy. or say the number. This game is great for matching quantity to numeral. Many children  count in rote but understanding the quantity to numeral is an important factor. Have fun.

Laying table

Wednesday 13th
Hi Ducklings, I thought today you could help lay the table for dinner. How many people in your family, you will need to count the knifes, forks and spoons out. You could add name cards for all the people eating. Adults if your child struggles with their own name or others, you can write it for your child to copy. Perhaps you could have a Teddy Bears picnic.


Tuesday 12th create your own Map for Goldilocks to get home from the 3 Bears house.


Tuesday 12th. A lovely walk with my dog and a song for Ducklings.Join in.

Monday 11th January's task, to make a number line

Family Learning Week beginning 4th January

Friday 8th January - A busy week in Ducklings

Friday 8th January, today's task is Making the story characters

Get Moving Ducklings...

The Three Little Pigs Read By Mrs Patterson

Settled down with a cuddly toy and watch Mrs Patterson tell us a story.

Stick Houses

Good morning Ducklings, I have read 'The Three Little Pigs', I hope you enjoy it. For your task today I would like you to build a house, it may be a house of bricks or of sticks. I have attached a house outline, you could use matchsticks to make the outline. Adults can you encourage your child to add to their creation 'How would the pigs get into the house?' 'What will the pigs look out of to see the wolf?'. Learning in Early Years is all about having fun, support your child but let them do it, their ideas may surprise you.

Storytime with Mrs Ria

Thursday 17th December

Oh No! What has Buster the elf done to Mrs Ria's house!

That's how the cheeky elf got into her house, he zip-lined in!

Wednesday 16th December 


Please follow the link here for our Christmas assembly, with a special visit from Reverend Jonathan Gordon. We also had very special Christmas poems wonderfully read by Jimmy from Year 3 and Matilda from Year 5. 

Mrs Marsh and Mrs Patterson Video For Ducklings

Ducklings Video Monday 14th December

A message from Mrs Ria

What does learning look like? Some practical ideas to support mathematical development and early writing overview.

July 17, the last day of term. This is always such a time of mixed emotions, it is amazing to see how the Ducklings have developed and grown; such adventures lie ahead in Reception - but we always feel so sad to see them leave our Duckling nest. I am sure we will all remember this year for various reasons, I hope the Ducklings remember it as a time of adventure, bonus time they spent at home playing and learning all about the world. As adults we may remember it for many different reasons! Thank you for being a part of Team Bridgewater, a team we are all very proud to be a part of. Over the Summer I hope you all stay safe and your adventures continue.
July 16. For our Forest School Challenge this week I would like you to make or bake something. In the story the story the girl has to think of what ingredient to put in the cake. So in the garden or the woods I would like you to find different ingredients that you will add to your mix. What will you make - a cake, a pie or something completely different? Can you find a big stick to mix the ingredients all together? I look forward to seeing your creations!
July 14, our story this week is all about how much the girls really wants to eat the cake, she loves cake - much like Mrs Patterson! I want you to think about what you like, it may be something you like to do or play with, it may be your favorite food. I want the children to think about themselves and be bale to talk about their likes and dislikes. As an adult please share what you like which may be very different from your child. Being able to voice what we like and don't like is really important in play and to build our own sense of self.
July 10th, in Forest School this week we have played '1,2,3, come to me' which is like hide and seek. An allocated person counts to 20 whilst others go off to hide, if the person can see you they call your name and they come back. Next time the person counts to 15, then 10 and then 5. So lots of numbers and communication and language as names are called. The other thing we found in the woods were stick letters, some sticks form natural letters like 'y' and 'L'. We can put sticks together and make letters, we found an 'A' and a 'Z'. Can you make any stick letters? Have fun.
July 9, today's challenge is all about rhyming. If you listen to Mrs Patterson reading 'Blown Away' can your child tell you which word rhyme or sound the same. Some children may still get confused with alliteration and rhyming, if they do, explain rhyming is the sound at the end of the word fly - sky, me - sea, right - kite. If they are enjoying rhyming perhaps they can make their own rhymes for kite, sea etc. When rhyming you can use real words sea, pea, me or made up words like je, ve. Have fun.

July 7, we were 'Blown Away' by the amazing kites the children made, we experimented with flying them and talked about how the kites may have been improved. Today's challenge is all about numbers, in our story the charters 'soar through clouds one to nine'. I would like you to chose a number and spot it all day long, it may be out on your walk or as you play in the house. Numbers are all around us - how many can you see? Please see below for the photographs from Sports Week.

July 7, my computer is back, a little slower but it means I can share all the amazing photos of The Ducklings participating in sports day, I love the action shots!

Message from Emma Wiggs for Sports Week

Still image for this video
Someone very special got to hear that we were having a Sports Week at Bridgewater School - Emma Wiggs MBE is a gold medal winning paralympic canoeist and 8 times world champion. She has sent an inspiring message for the children of Bridgewater School!

July 3rd, Duckling these are amazing times. You have worked so hard that a gold medalist, World champion para-Olympian has contacted Bridgewater School to say how amazing you all are! I am trying to work out how to attach the video! So this is our last Challenge. You need to get your tape measures out and mark out a goal 2M wide, the measure a 2 M start point from the goal with a 1 M obstacle before the goal. Your challenge is to dribble the ball around the obstacle and score as many goals as you can in 1 minute. Each goal is worth 1 point, as always please share your scores and photographs.

July 2nd, thank you so much for sharing your photographs and scores with me, we have some amazing athletes! Today’s challenge is the standing long jump, a picture is attached. You will need to use your numbers and a tape measure to mark out the area. What can you score in 1 minute? Keep a record of your score and please send it in to me. Happy jumping.

June 30, wind permitting we are hoping to hold Forest School. We will be making woodland imps or elves from clay, if you do not have clay you could use salt dough. If the wind continues we will be on the field doing ball dribbling. You will need a spot to stand on then measure 1m, 2m and 3m, you could mark them with garden canes or hoops whatever you have to hand. The challenge is to throw a tennis (or any small ball) over a distance. 1m = 5 points, 2m = 10 points and 3 m = 15 points. Time your child for one minute, total their score and let me know so that we can record them for their relevant houses.


Please bear with me as my laptop gave up yesterday which means attaching documents or photos to home learning is rather challenging. I hope to have it sorted soon.

June 25, Hello Ducklings, gosh it is hot - keep drinking lots of water and if you are outside, wear a hat. For today's challenge you can chose to be inside or outside. In our story 'Suddenly' much of the story is told in the pictures, we often see a shadow lurking around the corner, so today I want you to do a shadow drawing. If you have chalks and want to be outside you could ask an adult or sibling to stand whilst you draw around their shadow or it could be any object. If it is just too hot outside you could do a shadow drawing inside, using any animal or object and a lamp - like the picture below. I look forward to seeing what you have drawn.

June 23, this week in Forest School we will be pond dipping. This may be a challenge at home but you could go along the canal and see if you can spot fish or ducklings. If you have a wild flower book you could go on a walk and see if you can identify any flowers. We would love to see what you find.

June 19, today we need to use our listening ears. Listen to Mrs P reading 'Jack and the Beanstalk', now turn your listening ears on as your adult will sound out some words from the story. Adults if you use robot arms and sound out J-a-ck, c-o-w, b-ea-n, h-e-n, h-ar-p, ch-o-p, F-i, f-e,f-oe, f-u-m. Do as many as your child is interested in. Have fun

June 18th, we had fun (and hot chocolate) in Forest School, please do send in your pictures from home. In 'Jack and the Beanstalk', Jack helps his Mum. In Early Years one of our prime areas of learning is 'PSED' which is personal, social and emotional development, to help nurture this I would like your child to 'care' for something and take responsibility for it. This could be feeding the cat until the weekend, having a plant of their own to water inside or in the garden. It could be looking after their siblings by making lunch or reading a story to them. In school we have planted tomato, courgette and bean plants that we need to nurture, the children really enjoy the responsibility of caring for something.

June 16, Forest School, following on from last week we are making stick triangles, we would love to see what you make at home.

Forest School frames

June 12. Hello Ducklings, how have you found any poems that you really like or that make you laugh? In school we tried 

What do you suppose?

A bee sat on my nose,

it said 'I beg your pardon,

I thought you were the garden!'

(author unknown)

So today's challenge is to see if you can make a poem and be a poet. If you think of 2 words that rhyme, then can you link them. This is a real challenge so if your child is struggling give them some prompts like cat or flat,  or can they think of anything that sound like /rhymes with dog. This may be best as you are walking along on the road and see a car - what could rhyme with car? If this is a struggle for your child keep reading lots of poems and rhyming books so that they are listening to rhyming words. Keep it light and fun as children learn so much more this way.


For the children that came back into school, the feeling of being back in a familiar space with their peers was an enjoyable one. We hope this continues. For Ducklings who were home based we hope you enjoyed joining in, we are working and learning together.




June 11. Being back in school reminded me just how important role play or pretend play is for our Ducklings, the sharing of ideas, the chat between peers and being absorbed in play. So today's challenge is all about role play - Ducklings, I would like you to build a boat, like in the poem 'The owl and the pussy-cat'. The boat can be made from anything, it may be a piece of material on the floor or blocks. Don't suggest anything to your child, see what they come up with, if they are struggling you could re-watch the video of me reading the poem, with pictures of a boat. As they build ask them questions 'what will this do?' or if they are struggling 'how will the boat move?'. If they become absorbed in their play, they may have passengers of their toys, they may want to draw a map to show them where to go, they may want to eat lunch at sea! I look forward to seeing their ideas and where they sail to. Have fun.
June 10th, as there is no school today (Wednesday) I will not be posting suggested home learning. You know Mrs Patterson loves books; so read a book, which is always better with a snuggle! I also think I will bake banana bread tomorrow. What will you do? What ever it is, make sure it makes you smile.

June 9th, Forest School please find attached what we will be doing in the woods today. Mrs Patterson is very excited as it is her first ever Forest School but I know all my Duckling friends will help me as they are experts in the woods.

June 8th. Dear Ducklings and parents, from this week until the end of term, home learning will be slightly different. We will be posting 4 days worth of home learning; as we are in school 2 days, with 2 bubbles. Our aim is to maintain our Duckling's learning and community, if your child is in school or at home. We will be posting activities, similar to what the children who are in school that day, are doing.

We will post a Forest School activity on a Tuesday (usually this has been Monday). For children in school; Forest School will be on a Tuesday and a Friday, so remember your kit.

In school this week our main focus will be settling the children into Ducklings and having fun. Your task for Monday is to write your name and to sing 'Head, shoulders, knees and toes', the children enjoy this song and we extend it on the second time of singing to hum for head but continue singing 'shoulders knees and toes', on the third round you hum head and hum shoulders and so on. Continue doing this until the whole song is just hum,hum, hum, hum with actions. I will also read a couple of poems, so if you have a poetry book read a couple of poems, they are great for listening to rhyming and the rhythm of words.' The Owl and the Pussy Cat' is a great poem as it tells a story. I will read if for the children, perhaps you can find other poems that you like or that make you laugh.

We, as a Team will continue to keep in touch via email. Please do contact us if you have questions or would like to let us know anything, as drop off and pick up will be socially distanced so we miss the opportunity for a quick chat.

June 1st 2020 Welcome back! Today's Forest School for Ducklings is inspired by your nature outfits and tales of your fairy houses. Have fun!

Gingerbread Man learning

Friday 22nd May, today would be the last day before half term! For today's challenge, if you have the ingredients, I would like you to bake gingerbread men. I know that ingredients are hard to come by so if you do not have the ingredients in your cupboard I would like you to play gingerbread man chase. One person can be the chaser or the old lady and the other person can be the gingerbread man running away - if you have more people just add characters from the story. Turn taking, winning and losing are all good lessons but most importantly have fun. Relax over the half term and enjoy your time together

Thursday 21st May, today is outside learning day. At Bridgewater we love to explore outside. Research has found that children in Early Years use up to 5 times more language outside rather than indoors. So todays challenge is all about being outside. I want you to 'run' like the gingerbread man. Can you make an obstacle course? You might go over, under, through things (use positional language), make it as much fun as possible. If your child is enjoying you could time them on our phone and they could read and record their times and see if they can beat it next time. A great reason to recognise and represent numbers. Have fun and 'run, run, run, as fast as you can.. you can't catch me I'm the Gingerbread man'.

Monday Forest School - go wild!

Playful Nature - thank you Ducklings - you all look absolutely fabulous!

Monday 11th May Forest School. I hope that you all had a lovely weekend. A new stick-y challenge for you!

Lots and lots of stick people! Can you see yours?

Thursday 7th May, On Friday 8th May, we celebrate VE Day, this happened 75 years ago when the European Countries agreed to end the Second World War. Attached is bunting that you can colour and cut out. The British Flag, the Union Jack is red, white and blue, so these are the colours we are using to celebrate VE Day. Can you cut out your bunting, following the lines and hang it in your windows for your friends to see if they walk past. Perhaps you can write invitations to your sister, brother, Mum or Dad to invite them to come and celebrate VE Day. If you go for a walk see which houses have got something hung to celebrate VE Day.

Come and ride on the 'Platybus'

VE day celebrations, the whole school are going to make bunting to celebrate VE day. If you would like to make some please find the instructions.

Forest School Monday 4th May Stanley's Stick

Friday May 1st Good morning. The children have created some amazing dinosaurs, some photographs are below. For todays challenge you are going to rescue a dinosaur! Can you pretend a dinosaur (toy or drawing) is lost in the jungle and your child is going to be the rescuer. Whilst your child counts to 10 with their eyes closed or covered the dinosaur can be hidden. You or a sibling are going to guide the 'rescuer' by singing or humming louder as the  to, or quietly as the rescuer moves further away from the dinosaur. 


This game is actually a phonics game to help the children listen to sounds for clues. In Nursery during the Summer term we really focus on phonics and building skills, as we look towards transition into Reception. At Bridgewater we use Letters and Sounds phonics, 


This document is over 200 pages but do not be put off as much of it is games you will already be playin without even trying!. Some of you will have supported older siblings as they learn phonics and for others of you it is new. Phonics is a way of teaching children to breakdown and decode words so that they can begin to read - how amazing to be able to read!

Personally I remember the panic as my son began phonics, I didn't learn to read using phonics and it all seemed very complex. In lay man's term, if we think of a word like 'umbrella', if you stop and think of the first sound 'u' and say it, this is pronouncing it phonetically. Please email me if this does not make sense

Dinosaurs, dinosaurs everywhere!!

Wednesday 29th April today our task is all about dinosaurs. I would like you to draw a dinosaur; it may be a dinosaur you know about or it could be one that you have made up in your imagination. What colours will it be, how many legs will it have, what do you think it will eat? Can you copy the name of your dinosaur or make a name up for it and write it. When you have finished I want you to tell your adult the noise that your dinosaur will make will it be a VERY LOUD NOISE or a quiet noise when it is hiding? I can not wait to see your creations.

If you go down to the woods today, you're in for a BIG surprise.......

Monday 27th April Forest School = Green detectives!

Well done - some fantastic exploring, creating and discovering! I hope that I have included all the lovely nature portraits that were sent to me (I'm learning new skills!) They made me smile!

Friday 24th April, Below are more pictures of the things you have been creating, you have such great imaginations. You may even spot Bullet, he is missing you all so wanted to say 'hello'. Today I would like you to do some counting, if you have any toys animals you could count the the legs, a dog has 4 legs and I have 2 legs, if you are really getting into the counting you could encourage your child to count on so 1,2,3,4...5,6 - this is a hard concept so just count legs if that is too challenging. It maybe that you could count legs in your paddling pool and even expand to toes, as I think the sun is shining tomorrow.

Thursday 23 April, Thank you for sharing your amazing creatures, I have added some photographs so that you can see the animals - and your friends.

As we are doing all about animals, I would like you to play the ring game 'The Farmer's in his den'. For this you do need a few friends I thought you could ask brothers and sister and then use your soft toys so that you have enough characters. We have sung this at school, so you can teach your adults how to play.


The farmer's in his den,
The farmer's in his den,
E -AH – A – DE- OH
The farmer's in his den.

(with one child in the centre of a circle)

The farmer wants a wife,
The farmer wants a wife,
E -AH – A – DE- OH
The farmer wants a wife.

(the farmer picks a wife)

The wife wants a child,
The wife wants a child,
E -AH – A – DE- OH
The wife wants a child.

(the wife picks a child)

The child wants a nurse,
The child wants a nurse,
E -AH – A – DE- OH
The child wants a nurse.

(the child picks a nurse)

The nurse wants a dog,
The nurse wants a dog,
E -AH – A – DE- OH
The nurse wants a dog.

(the nurse picks a dog)

The dog wants a bone,
The dog wants a bone,
E -AH – A – DE- OH
The dog wants a bone.

(the dog picks a bone)

We all pat the bone,
We all pat the bone,
E -AH – A – DE- OH
We all pat the bone.



Look at the amazing creatures you created

Wednesday 22nd April, Good morning Ducklings, I hope you enjoyed finding words that rhymed. Did you make up some of your own words that sounded the same too?

Today is a big challenge, as Mrs Ria read us a story about a dog and we saw Monti her dog, I would like you to create your own animal. It may be an animal you would like to own as a pet or it may be an animal from your imagination that breathes fire and eats chocolate mousse! You could make your animal out of boxes that you are going to recycle or you could paint or draw your animal. When you have created your animal, I want you to tell your adult all about the animal, how many ears or eyes does it have? Does it have tails, wings, fur, feathers? What might it eat? Where will it live? I am looking forward to seeing all your creations so please send a picture in by email.

Hi Ducklings, welcome back to summer term 2020. I hope that you are safe and well and had a lovely Easter at home. Today you have a colourful challenge to start your week!

Well done, we have some great colour collectors in Duckling class!

....and even more colourful!

It is the end of the most unusual term and the start of the two week Easter holiday. It has been great to keep in touch and find out all the interesting things you have been up to. The photos below show some of the activities that have been keeping you busy. As I am sure you will be missing Mrs Francis and Mrs Marsh they have recorded themselves singing and reading a story.


For Family Learning over the Easter period, I would like you to send me your favorite joke, as I think we all need to keep laughing. Please get your adult to email Mrs Patterson and I will make a joke book with your jokes in it, so that we can laugh along with our friends. My all time favorite joke is 'What do you call a three legged donkey? .........'A wonky Donkey' hopefully this will get your funny juices flowing and you can send your jokes in.



Before I sign off and wish you a Happy Easter, as I type I heard a new noise and look who has just moved into the field at the back of my house



Wishing you all well and keep safe.


The Ducklings Team

Friday 3rd April, this week has all been about eggs as we look forward to Easter. There are three things to watch on CBBC Let's celebrate, Celebrating Easter, Preparing for Easter and The Easter story. They give a good easy introduction to why we celebrate Easter. Your task is to watch the short films and then maybe today or over the next few days to eat a hot cross bun and see what you can remember about why we celebrate Easter.

Easter Bunny Twists, I have included this recipe, as we usually make these at school but I know many of you will not have strong white flour or yeast. If you do the children enjoy kneading and eating the bunnies!

Thursday 2nd April, 'An egg is textured..', today Ducklings I want you to think about how things feel, Some eggs are hard, some are soft and rubbery, some are smooth and others are rough. Can you describe how things feel, as a challenge can you think of 2 things to describe an object. Mrs Patterson might say 'Harry feels soft and warm'.

Wednesday 1st April 'An egg is colourful..', today Ducklings I would like you get creative and make a colourful egg. If you have paints can you mix the colours to see what new colours you can make. Or you could use coloured pencils or felt pens. Thank you for all your lovely messages about 'A quiet egg', I am so glad to know you enjoyed it, I found it really tricky to get onto the website but Mrs (and Mr) Patterson had to 'try, try, try! I look forward to seeing your amazing creations.

Tuesday 31st March For your task today I would like your child to draw some eggs and cut them out to make a number line. When cutting your child's thumb should always be on the top, towards the ceiling.If your child is still working on recognising numerals to 5, make 1-5, if they can recognise numerals to 10 make 10 eggs. Get the children to write the numbers on the eggs, if they are struggling with numerals, on the back of each egg draw dots that corrolate to the number so 2 = .. , 5 = .....  . 


You could play at hiding the eggs around the house or garden and then making a number line, you could ask brother's or sister to join in too. If the task is fun you will be amazed how long they will play at it, all whilst working on numbers.

Ducklings busy learning, take a look at what your friends have been up to...

Hello Ducklings. I hope that the sun shines! A Spring 'job' for you today. Let me know what you find? Thank you - Mrs Berry

Family Learning for Week beginning 20 March, enjoy the weekend

Thursday 26th March, our 'rude' day. Can you tell your adult why it is a rude day? Apologies I will try and get the date right from now on!

Wednesday 26th March,

25th March Good Morning