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Home learning for Firecrest

During the school closure, teachers will post work onto the class pages daily.

We will often be using online learning resources that the children use regularly, e.g.  Poisson Rouge Purple Mash

Use the links to access these.

For Poisson Rouge please use login: corona2020 password: corona2020


Hello and welcome to all of you.

We are so looking forward to working together over the next few weeks. It's weird and wonky isn't it, but we're sure it will be fun, in a different way.

So... we are putting the resources you might need here. Phonics mats, some phonics information, maths play ideas and handwriting patter.

We are also looking forward to hearing from each of you and we are hoping to chat with you about how you are doing and what you have been doing. 

Please send us pictures of what you have been doing. We thought it would be good to have a gallery that we can share with you all. If you want your photos or pictures  to go in the gallery, then please let us know whether it's OK to share.

Of course remember that all these are just suggestions. The most important thing is that you explore and learn and that you have fun doing it.

We will upload challenges daily and we will be in touch at some point during each week.

Have fun!

Team Firecrest



We are sharing some links with you that you may find useful for phonics. Last week the DFE started making videos teaching Letters and Sounds which is the approach we use at Bridgewater, there are also other teachers who have made phonics videos. We will continue to provide a daily phonics lessons on this page for you, but if you want to dip in and out of some of these resources it could add variety, and some consolidation. They are all on youtube, we hope they are useful. 


DFE - Letters and sounds for home and school

Mr Thorne and Geraldine the Giraffe          


Mr. Mc does phonics                                  

Friday 17th July

Happy summer holidays everyone!

Hello, last day of Home Learning this term! We have a challenge from your new Wagtail team! Getting ready for year 1. Thank you to you all for your hard work, your emails and photographs, your care and support. Wishing you all a restful summer break and a super transition into year 1.

Wednesday 15th July

I hope you enjoyed yesterday's challenge, did you try anything new? Or perhaps you are planning to try some different foods in the holidays - remember to write them on the shopping list.

Today we have another writing task for you and some phonics games and word searches for you to choose from.

Have another great day!

Tuesday 14th

Did you have a lovely fantasy holiday yesterday? I wonder where everyone chose to go...... I decided to go to the beach as I have not been for so long, and I chose to take Father Christmas with me because I don't think he gets to go the seaside very often, and we would definitely travel in his sleigh! 

Today we have a food challenge for you, another fun phonics and a new story time. I hope you all have a super day.


Monday 13th July.

For this final week of home learning we have chosen the book You Choose. If you have a copy of this book at home it would be really helpful to get it out so you can have a good look at the pictures, if not don't worry, I have added a video clip that shows you all the pictures closely.

Although you are only coming into school for one day this week we are going to put home learning on here for four days - so there will still be plenty for you to do. Today you have the story to listen to, a writing challenge and fun phonics game to play.

Are you ready to use your imagination? You are are going off on your own make believe holiday adventure this week - have fun, and remember it's all up to you - You Choose

Friday Gallery

This week we have watched hermit crabs working together to move to larger shells and we started to look forward to new adventures in Wagtail class. We have used our maths skills for some careful estimating and decorated some amazing crabs. Here are the pictures and some of your fantastic work from this week. Well Done!

GoGo Bear goes camping.

Camping - What a jolly good idea for a holiday thought GoGo Bear. The bear had heard some of the Firecrest children talking about Glamping and also about something called BridgeFest. How exciting - sleeping outside under the stars, staying up really late and eating special camping food. Quickly a furry rucksack was packed with bear essentials - clean pants, toothbrush, a torch (to make funny faces in the dark), a cuddly toy, a bedtime book and plenty of honey sandwiches. There were a few grey clouds but GoGo wasn't worried.

GoGo got to the bottom of the garden - he was exhausted it was a long way down the slope in the Berkhamsted garden! There was an amazing plastic blue bucket. Wow! said GoGo and immediately began camping. It had been a long day and it was beginning to rain. A rumbling noise came from GoGo's tummy and suddenly the bear remembered the special camping food. The food was yummy and GoGo settled down with the torch ready to look at the stars and dream about a holiday to the moon.

Friday 10th July

What fun you seemed to have Estimating . Did you estimate near the number? What did you use? The Hermit crabs were filled with lots of different things. Well done! Today we have a  great challenges for you an Outside challenge and a phonics to finish the week. We hope you have fun doing these. 

Team Firecrest

Thursday 9th July

Wow! we have seen some brilliant Hermit crabs. Well done and thank you for sending the photos in. You look as though you had fun making them .They are so colourful. Today we have an estimating/maths challenge and some more Phonics. We hope you enjoy them and have fun counting.

Team Firecrest.

Here is your Estimating challenge and your phonics for today. Enjoy!

Tuesday 7 th July

What a fun day today reading the Hermit Crab story and thinking of all the new things we might find when we move to our new classrooms. Did you enjoy the story? 

watch the short clip today of a real Hermit Crab swapping shells. it is fascinating.

What do you think the Hermit crab might decorate his new shell with?

We have a fun making challenge for you today and some more phonics. Enjoy your day!

Team Firecrest

Here is your making challenge and your phonics. Good Luck!

Monday 6th July 

Hello everyone and welcome back to another week of fun challenges and learning together. We hope you've had a great weekend and enjoyed the Bridgewater camping Fest? Did you sleep in a tent? Did you build a den? Did you have a fire? It was fun wasn't it. This week we are going to enjoy a new story by Eric Carle. It's called "A House for Hermit Crab" and it's all about moving on and finding a new home. We are all going to be thinking ahead to September and how we will be moving to our new classes and new teachers. We are getting ready and will be sharing our thoughts and ideas. Have a great day and enjoy the story.

Team Firecrest.

Here is your writing challenge and Phonics

Friday Gallery

I hope you all enjoyed sport's week. Have a look at this week's gallery, I think we definitely have some sporting superstars! Some of you have also sent in pictures of all the other fun things you have been doing, and some great work too!

Friday 3rd July


Happy Friday everyone! Have you been enjoying all the sporting challenging this week? We really hope so - it has been lovely to see all your photo's and video's of your fun. I think we may see some of you in today's assembly - have a look on the website for all the assemblies. 


How did you get on with the jumping challenge yesterday? Did you manage to get lots of points?

Today we have a football challenge - go for goal!

We also have a story today and  your phonics challenge. If you want to do any of the sporting challenges you have missed out this week go and have a try.

You may fancy going and doing your own sport - a bike ride or a walk in the woods, or maybe the well known sport of tiddlywinks! 

Enjoy your day and don't forget to upload your scores from home and send them in. 


Thursday 2nd July


How are you feeling? Not tired I hope and have plenty of bounce in your step today because your sports challenge today is long jump.

Have you got a favourite sport that you like to do? There are so many of them to choose from. At the Olympics there are over 30 different sports. Have a look at the video and see which one would be your favourite sport.


There is a phonic challenge today and a story as well.

Have a great day and keep trying and go for gold!  

Wednesday 1st July


It's the 1st July - already! Happy 1st of the month to you all.

Today the sports challenges continue and you will see that is a tennis ball challenge. You can do it!

Keep those scores safe and remember to send all your scores in on Friday.


Have fun everyone.



Tuesday 30th June  


How did you get on with the running challenge yesterday? 5 minutes is a long time to run isn't it - I needed to have a lie down afterwards! 

Today we have got a basketball dribble to have a go at. Remember, just try your best as all the points add up. 

(The document with all the days activities was posted yesterday.)


Also today we have a Healthy Eating challenge that you might like to have a go at - what do you like to eat for lunch? You might like to help make it as well.

There is a phonics challenge and a story too.

Have a great day Team Firecrest



Monday 29th June - Sports Week!


Welcome to sports week everyone - the weather, as you'd expect, looks changeable! It does feel strange to not be doing it altogether at school but Mrs Bettridge and all the PE team have come up with a clever way of doing it at home and in your bubbles too.

Today, we are sending you the plan of the different sports to challenge yourself on each day. You can do these at home - and also at school. Don't forget to keep a score for your teams and send it in at the end of the week (a parent mail was sent home last week with the details and it is also written on the Family learning sheet on Friday.)


Today, we also have a story for you called 'Sports Day' and there is a diary challenge that you might like to have a go at.

You will notice the phonics is for Monday and Thursday this week.  In school we will be doing something slightly different in phonics so if you are at home today the phonics is for you! 


Go get yourself warmed up and run like the wind! Ready, steady, go!




Friday Gallery

What a lovely week, playing in the sun, making boats, and of course working very hard! Enjoy the pictures.

Go Go Bear and the pirates.

Go Go Bear wanted to make a boat too. All the children had made marvellous boats this week. The bear was very happy with the boat.  It was time to dress-up! How about being a pirate, what fun!. Carefully the boat and bear floated out to the deep, deep ocean. Maybe there would be a giant squid or some hungry sharks.

The bear peered around the ocean with the pirate telescope. There was something on the horizon. Was it a desert island? Was it a narwhal or a pangolin? No, there was some gold glinting and someone was feeding a parrot. It was a pirate ship with treasure!
Stealthly Go Go went behind the pirate ship and leapt on to the boat with a beary growl the pirates were very surprised but it was too late to use their cannon or save the treasure. Go Go made every single pirate and the parrot walk the plank and he sailed off happily with the treasure. 

Friday 26th June

Wow, it was super hot yesterday! Did you have your paddling pool out or eat  ice-cream? I bet Mr. Gumpy would have been happy to splash into the river.

We have got another couple of challenges for you today, one is all about telling the time and the phonics lesson today is about vowels again. I hope you have fun today and have a lovely weekend.

Thursday 25th June

Hello, I hope you are ready for another fun day of home learning. We have a writing challenge for you today, but you are going to have to do a bit of research first with your grown up. There is also a phonics lesson, a new story time and if you have not done your handwriting yet this week I will pop that on again too. Have a great day.

Tuesday 23rd June.

Good morning.

Did you make a boat yesterday? I wonder if your boat floated or sank. I was quite pleased with mine when I first put it in the water, but as the animals started getting on board it got a bit wibbly-wobbly like Mr. Gumpy's boat, and yes, you've guessed it - SPLASH - all the animals fell in the water! I had to go and try and try again until my boat was stable enough to carry my animals.

Today we are going to do some writing about Mr. Gumpy's boat ride, we have also got two more numbers for you to practise in handwriting, and some phonics.

I hope you all have a super day.

Monday 22nd June

Hello and happy Monday! 

We are going to have such fun this week, we are going to start today with a boat story, it is called Mr. Gumpy's Outing - it is quite funny. Then we are going to be building and testing boats - I am super excited! Have a great day, I can't wait to see all your boats.

Oh, and remember your phonics today too.

Friday Gallery

We have enjoyed looking inside your patchwork sacks this week. There have been some fantastic ideas for things you would need for your flum flum adventures.

There have been some great mathematics challenges too.

Friday 19th June

Hey Everyone . It looks like you had fun yesterday drawing and designing your Flumflums. Some of them are so brightly coloured!

I can't believe another week has nearly flown by but we have a great Maths challenge for you today and some more phonics too.So have a fun Friday and we'll see you again on Monday.

Happy weekend all.

Team Firecrest

Here are your Maths and Phonics challenges. You will need some dice. Sounds like fun! Enjoy!

Go Go Bear Boredom Buster

This week Go Go Bear has been inspired by a lovely picture from Firecrest.

One of our class has made this amazing long knitting. It is a long worm at the moment but it will become a handbag.

Go Go Bear has also been watching Friday assembly and has seen a knitting Boredom Buster.

"How hard can it be?" the bear thought. Go Go picked up a book to learn how to crochet and began to look at the pictures.

Go Go Bear was very confident that it looked very easy. Go Go didn't think that it was necessary to read all those long instructions.

The bear began to crochet and think about the marvellous socks that would soon be finished.

Soon there was wool everywhere. It was quite tricky.

"Oh dear! What a tangle".

"I think I'll stick to climbing beanstalks!" said Go Go.

Thursday ,18th June 

Hello everyone and happy Thursday. What fun you have had this week with "Jack and the Flum Flum Tree" I love your patchwork sacks.They have been so colourful and some of the things you have chosen to take with you are exciting! Ice cream seems to have been a favourite! We hope you enjoyed counting in twos and fives all around the house. Lots of socks have been counted and shoes . It's a  good job you're not in my house! We always have odd socks so they would be tricky to count.

Today we have another writing challenge for you. You can choose one or the other. Also there is a new phonics challenge and if you haven't done our handwriting lesson this week" don't get your knickers in a twist!"  I am re- posting it today. So lots of fun! 

Have a good day.

Team Firecrest.

Here are your Phonics and writing challenges. Enjoy!

Tuesday 16th June

What fun today with "Jack and the flumflum tree"Hope you enjoyed it and didn't get your Knickers in a twist! I wonder what you put in your patchwork sack?

I am looking forward to  reading some of your ideas.

Enjoy the activities today- there is a Maths challenge. Get ready to cont in two's again. You will have to find different things to count.Keep going with the Phonics too.

I am putting the Handwriting up today too but you can choose when you do it. Remember we won't be posting any Home learning tomorrow so perhaps you might choose to do it then?

Have fun and enjoy !

Team Firecrest

Here are your Maths and Phonics challenges. Enjoy!

Monday 15th June 2020

Welcome back to another week of fun and learning together. We loved all your Giants last week. I think I felt a little bit scared of some of them! There were some lovely pictures and great writing too. Have a look at our Photo gallery. we love seeing all your photos.

This week we are listening to "Jack and the Flum Flum tree". Jack goes on  a great big adventure and finds lots of exciting things. We have some challenges for you too. I think you 'll enjoy them.Today we have a phonics challenge and a writing challenge too so have fun and we look forward to hearing from you.

Team Firecrest

Today we have a Phonics challenge and a Writing challenge for you. Have fun!

Friday Gallery

Fee Fi Fo Fum! We have had terrific fun - hearing about and seeing your giants and beanstalks this week.

A HUGE well done to everyone.

Friday 12th June


It's Friday...again! How have you got on with your Jack and the Beanstalk challenges this week? Did you describe a pretty looking giant with beautiful blond hair or a rather smelly giant like mine with hairy toes and bad breath? Hope you had fun!


Today our challenge is to try and count up in 5s. You can use your hands and feet with this challenge or go in search of any little 5p pieces.

For phonics today there is a writing challenge and a new story to enjoy.


Have a look at home learning below for some extra ideas. On it there is a link to some online reading books you can access.

Go Go Bear has been having a great time with Jack and the beanstalk - have a look at his adventures.


Have a wonderful weekend from everyone in Firecrest. 


GoGo Bear and the Beanstalk.


This morning GoGo Bear was very excited. He opened his curtains, rubbed his eyes and in the garden he saw a gigantic beanstalk. Where did it come from? Where does it go to?

GoGo Bear didn't stop for breakfast. He ran out of his bedroom and he began to climb the beanstalk. He climbed and climbed and climbed. He was so glad he had been keeping up with PE with Joe Wicks as his legs and arms were very strong. At last he got to the top. He was hoping that he would see a castle or a giant. Carefully he looked around. It was hard to see very far as it was very cloudy. He was very tired and his tummy began to rumble as he had missed his breakfast. Suddenly he heard a loud plop , something large and golden fell on his head. Ouch! he said. He grabbed the golden thing and quickly climbed down the beanstalk. He could hear a loud rumbling above his head. When he got to the ground he quickly chopped down the beanstalk.


He sat down carefully with the golden item. Could it be a golden egg? What might be inside the egg? Who lived at the top of the beanstalk? Maybe he would have some breakfast and try to solve the mystery.

Thursday 11th June


Happy Thursday everyone! How was your day yesterday? Did you see any giant beanstalks when you went out for a walk? 


Today we have a writing challenge to think about what the giant might look like. 

For phonics we have a reading challenge and a new story to listen to as well.


Have a great day - and watch out for the rain.

Wednesday 10th June

Have a great day today!

Tuesday 9th June


Good morning. How did you get on with yesterday's Jack and the Beanstalk challenge? Thank you for sharing your writing - it was amazing to see all your great ideas. 

Today we have a number challenge - to count in 2s. Can you help Jack climb his beanstalk by counting in 2s? Good luck.

For phonics we are carrying on with Phase 4 and you can look at a word that has an apostrophe. There is a story too for you to enjoy.


I have put the handwriting on today - but you can do it any day of the week.

Have a great day.  

Monday 8th June


Happy Monday everyone! Did you have a fun weekend with your families? Wasn't there an exciting thunderstorm on Saturday - did you see the lightning and hear the thunderstorm? I loved watching it from my bedroom.


We hope you had lots of fun with bubbles last week  - I couldn't believe how big some of my bubbles were.

This week we are going to enjoy the story 'Jack and the Beanstalk'. Today we have the story read to you and a writing challenge.

For phonics we have some new tricky words to try and remember. I bet you are getting good at your tricky words.


Have a great day and watch out for any grumpy giants! 

Team Firecrest


Lots of bubbly fun and hard work this week - well done everyone.


Friday 5th June

Hello everyone, we have really enjoyed reading your bubble stories - what great ideas you all had.

Today we have the ZAP IT! number challenge for you, a phonics lesson and a story time.

We hope you enjoy your challenges today and have a great weekend.

Thursday 4th June

Hello, we have a couple more bubble challenges for you this week. Today there is a writing challenge and a phonics lesson. There is also the handwriting session for this week - don't worry, if you practised writing 2 and 3 on Tuesday you don't need to do it again. Remember to listen to today's story, and have a great day!

Tuesday 2nd June

Did you have fun yesterday with all those bubbles? I certainly did, blowing bubbles, chasing bubbles, writing about bubbles - such a great day!

Today we have a number challenge for you, a phonics lesson, the next handwriting session and a brand new story time. I do hope you have a good day.

Welcome Back

We hope that you have all had a lovely half term break, and were able to get out and enjoy the fantastic weather. 

It is good to be back with you again, and we hope you are looking forward to continuing your learning journey, whether that is at school or home, we will still all get to do the same challenges and share our learning fun on the website.


There will be challenges posted on the website on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Each week you will have 4 phonics lessons, a handwriting lesson and 4 fun challenges, plus the daily story times and of course the home learning sheet for those of you who want to try extra activities.


This half term we are starting to work on phase 4 phonics: some information about the learning expectations for this phase and some flashcard templates are posted at the top of the page under the phonics section.


Monday 1st June

It is all about bubbles this week, I love playing with bubbles - I hope you do too!

Today you have clip to watch about creating some bubbly fun, a phonics session and a new story time.

I hope you all have a super bubbly day!

Friday Gallery


Happy Teddy Bears Picnic Day! Have you had a wonderful time with your teddy's in the sunshine this week? It looks like it with all the wonderful photo's you have sent in. Thank you! I hope you enjoyed the delicious picnics you planned earlier in the week and made some yummy goodies! 

Enjoy the photo's of yourselves and your friends from the last few days.

It is the half term holidays for a week so we are wishing you and your families a very happy and fun holiday. 

Team Firecrest