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Home learning for Goldcrest

During the school closure, teachers will post work onto the class pages daily.

We will often be using online learning resources that the children use regularly, e.g. Purple Mash Use the links to access these.

For Poisson Rouge please use login: corona2020 password: corona2020


Hello and welcome to all of you.

We are so looking forward to working together over the next few weeks. Its weird and wonky isn't it but  we're sure it will be fun in a different way.

So... we are putting the resources you might need here. Phonics mats, some phonics information, maths play ideas and  handwriting patter.

We are also looking forward to hearing from each of you and we are hoping to chat with you about how you are doing and what you have been doing. 

Please send us pictures of what you have been doing. We thought it would be good to have a gallery that we can share with you all.If you want your photos or pictures  to go in the gallery then please let us know whether it's ok to share.

Of course remember that all these are just suggestions. The most important thing is that you explore and learn and that you have fun doing it.

We will upload challenges daily and we will be in touch at some point during each week.

Have fun!

Team Goldcrest





We are sharing some links with you that you may find useful for phonics. Last week the DFE started making videos teaching Letters and Sounds which is the approach we use at Bridgewater, there are also other teachers who have made phonics videos. We will continue to provide a daily phonics lessons on this page for you, but if you want to dip in and out of some of these resources it could add variety, and some consolidation. They are all on youtube, we hope they are useful. 


DFE - Letters and sounds for home and school


Mr Thorne and Geraldine the Giraffe


Mr. Mc does phonics


Friday 17th July

Happy summer holidays everyone.


Hello, last day of Home Learning this term! We have a challenge from your new Kingfisher team! Getting ready for year 1. Thank you to you all for your hard work, your emails and photographs, your care and support. Wishing you all a restful summer break and a super transition into year 1.

Ed Bear's Diary

Hello Goldcrest!  Oh my, what a busy week, I've been to so many places!  I came home from Egypt in a time machine so I had enough time to tell Mrs Fullman what I'd been up to before she went to school!  Telling Mrs Fullman about my exciting adventures made me think about all the fun things I did when I went home with each of you and I'd like to say a big "thank you" for all the tea parties, games, midnight feasts, stories, football, trips to the park, dog walks, trampolining, swimming, birthday parties, lunches, breakfasts, cuddles, trips to see your aunties, uncles, grannies, grandads, film nights, cooking, running races, drawing, painting, play dates, playdough modelling, shopping, dancing, singing and all those times I went to Rialize, I didn't even mind when you forgot to take me home as Ria and Ali used to let me have extra snacks!  I am quite a tired bear so I'm going to see how the holiday goes but I might decide to hibernate - that means I'll be having a REALLY long sleep and I'll wake up in the Spring.  I hope you like the poem, I enjoyed the zip wire so much I kept dropping my message so I had to do it again and again!  Have a great summer and don't forget to water your sunflowers.  Bye, Ed x

Ed Bear's Diary

Bonjour Goldcrest.  Je suis en vacances au ski en France.  That means I am on a ski holiday in France – I’ve been practising my French!  The inflatable unicorn got us to an airport and then we decided to go skiing in France.  We did the tricky word word-searches and played ‘I spy and read’ on the plane, they were great fun and helped to pass the time.  I hope you are enjoying the challenges as much as I am and it’s great to be doing them with GoGo.  For the food challenge he chose croissants for breakfast and I chose to have a cheese fondue for lunch.  I think I’d better send a postcard to Mrs Fullman and let her know how I’m getting on!  We skied on some beginner ski runs and then tried a trickier one which ended up in Egypt, it’s amazing what you can do when ‘you choose’!  We rode on camels to visit the pyramids, did you know that each stone used to build the pyramids is heavier than an elephant?  I’m glad I didn’t have to help build it!  We want to have a boat trip along the river Nile to see some more of Egypt and I’ll have a think of an exciting way to get home.  Wadaeaan (That’s how you say goodbye when you’re in Egypt), Ed x

Wednesday 15th July

I hope you enjoyed yesterday's challenge, did you try anything new? Or perhaps you are planning to try some different foods in the holidays - remember to write them on the shopping list.

Today we have another writing task for you and some phonics games and word searches for you to choose from.

Have another great day!

Ed Bear's Diary

Hello Goldcrest.  Parachuting was amazing and I managed to land safely on the moon - one small step for Ed and one giant leap for bear-kind.  It was really exciting meeting astronauts on the moon and they let us share their picnic.  We tried to play rhyming catch whilst we were there, I said "moon" and threw the ball to GoGo but as there is zero gravity the ball floated off into space so we didn't get very far with the game!  The astronauts laughed and gave us a lift back down to Earth.  As we were very tired they dropped us off on a tropical island for a spot of sunbathing.  We ate lots of delicious fresh seafood, picked pineapples and made and ate ice-cream sundaes on the beach, they were delicious. I'm off to listen to today's story, I do love a story with bears in it and then I think we'll float off on an inflatable unicorn and have another adventure ... I wonder where we'll go!  Bye, Ed x

Tuesday 14th

Did you have a lovely fantasy holiday yesterday? I wonder where everyone chose to go...... I decided to go to the beach as I have not been for so long, and I chose to take Father Christmas with me because I don't think he gets to go the seaside very often, and we would definitely travel in his sleigh! 

Today we have a food challenge for you, another fun phonics and a new story time. I hope you all have a super day.

Ed Bear's Diary

Hello Goldcrest!  Where did you choose to go? I decided to travel by parachute and to go to ... whoa .. need to land and I don't want to crash, see you tomorrow!  Love, Ed x

Monday 13th July.

For this final week of home learning we have chosen the book You Choose. If you have a copy of this book at home it would be really helpful to get it out so you can have a good look at the pictures, if not don't worry, I have added a video clip that shows you all the pictures closely.

Although you are only coming into school for one day this week we are going to put home learning on here for four days - so there will still be plenty for you to do. Today you have the story to listen to, a writing challenge and fun phonics game to play.

Are you ready to use your imagination? You are are going off on your own make believe holiday adventure this week - have fun, and remember it's all up to you - You Choose!

Ed Bear's Diary

Hello Goldcrest.  What a lovely weekend, I hope you managed to make the most of being out in the sunshine.  I did a bit of flying and had a bit of crash and I had the best time ever on Sunday but I can't tell you what I did yet, it's going to be a surprise for a bit later in the week!  I can tell you that I went to my friend Monty Bear's house, he's my gardening bear friend, and he showed me how much his cucumbers and other vegetables have grown.  We had a very special delicious tea and then went for a walk along the canal.  We took some special duck food and fed the ducks and a moorhen.  I must go and plan my pretend holiday ... where shall I go? I've already been on a safari in Kenya and snorkelling in Australia, I'll have to think up something even more exciting!!!  Have a great day, Ed x  

Friday 10th July

What fun you seemed to have Estimating . Did you estimate near the number? What did you use? The Hermit crabs were filled with lots of different things. Well done! Today we have a  great challenges for you an Outside challenge and a phonics to finish the week. We hope you have fun doing these. 

Team Goldcrest

Here is your challenge and your phonics. have fun!

Ed Bear's Diary

Hello Goldcrest!  Another week has flown by, I've loved hearing what you've been up to and seeing your photos.  I had a go at the hermit crab estimating challenge and thought it was great fun.  I tried with rice but it was so fiddly I swapped to something bigger and used sunflower seeds, macaroni and fusilli pasta.  My estimating was quite good and I was only a few out, how did you get on?  I thought I'd used my new estimating skills to guess how tall our tallest sunflower was, I guessed it would be 4 times the height of me but Mrs Fullman helped me with the measuring and it was only 3 times taller than me, I must be taller than I thought!  She then held me up so I could see the flower head beginning to grow, I can't wait until it flowers.  Did you try any of the boredom busters?  I decided making paper boats looked interesting so I looked up how to make them.  I made 2 boats and a canoe and floated them in the bathroom sink as I didn't want to go outside and get wet again!  Have a great weekend.  Ed x

Thursday 9th July

Wow! we have seen some brilliant Hermit crabs. Well done and thank you for sending the photos in. You look as though you had fun making them .They are so colourful. Today we have an estimating/maths challenge and some more Phonics. We hope you enjoy them and have fun counting.

Team Goldcrest

Here Is your Estimating Challenge and your Phonics

Tuesday 7 th July

What a fun day today reading the Hermit Crab story and thinking of all the new things we might find when we move to our new classrooms. Did you enjoy the story? 

watch the short clip today of a real Hermit Crab swapping shells. it is fascinating.

What do you think the Hermit crab might decorate his new shell with?

We have a fun making challenge for you today and some more phonics. Enjoy your day!

Team Goldcrest.

Here is your making challenge and your phonics for today. Good luck!

Monday 6th July 

Hello everyone and welcome back to another week of fun challenges and learning together. We hope you've had a great weekend and enjoyed the Bridgewater camping Fest? Did you sleep in a tent? Did you build a den? Did you have a fire? It was fun wasn't it. This week we are going to enjoy a new story by Eric Carle. It's called "A House for Hermit Crab" and it's all about moving on and finding a new home. We are all going to be thinking ahead to September and how we will be moving to our new classes and new teachers. We are getting ready and will be sharing our thoughts and ideas. Have a great day and enjoy the story.

Team Goldcrest.

Here is your writing challenge and your Monday Phonics.

Photo Gallery

Ed Bear's Diary

Happy Monday Goldcrest!  What an amazing photo gallery, it's so lovely to see you all!  I thought sports week was amazing and it looks like you enjoyed it too!  Did you make a camp for Bridgefest@home?  I was so excited about camping I woke up really early on Saturday to get started!  I helped put the tent up, I was the best at hammering in the tent pegs as I was a bit to small to tie the tent to the frame!   I collected sticks on a long dog walk and we made a great pretend fire, although I did have a real mug of hot chocolate and a Stroop waffle, yum yum.  We sang campfire songs for a bit and then snuggled down for bedtime stories.  The rain woke me up but it wasn't leaking through the tent so I just listened to it until I fell asleep again!

Friday 3rd July


Happy Friday everyone! Have you been enjoying all the sporting challenging this week? We really hope so - it has been lovely to see all your photo's and video's of your fun. I think we may see some of you in today's assembly - have a look on the website for all the assemblies. 


How did you get on with the jumping challenge yesterday? Did you manage to get lots of points?

Today we have a football challenge - go for goal!

We also have a story today and  your phonics challenge. If you want to do any of the sporting challenges you have missed out this week go and have a try.

You may fancy going and doing your own sport - a bike ride or a walk in the woods, or maybe the well known sport of tiddlywinks! 

Enjoy your day and don't forget to upload your scores from home and send them in. 

Ed Bear's Diary

Good morning Goldcrest!  How did you do with your long jumps?   Remember to send in your scores!  Mrs Fullman said the long jumpers at school jumped a long way and a couple of deer tried to watch, it all sounded very exciting!  I could hardly wait to jump so I set everything up ready for Mrs Fullman when she got in, I'm glad I was ready as it poured with rain just after we finished.  I enjoyed jumping, apart from when I landed on my bottom with a bump!  It's football today and I'm hoping to score a hat-trick!  It's a busy day again today as I want to watch the Friday assembly, I think I might be in it again as I sent Mr Griffiths a photo of my boredom buster game, I love boredom busters they're such good fun ... I wonder what this week's will be???  It's also Bridgefest this weekend so I need to get my camping gear ready and check the weather forecast.  Good luck to Roc, Phoenix and Griffin, I can't wait to see which house wins and happy camping if you're joining in this weekend. Ed x

Thursday 2nd July


How are you feeling? Not tired I hope and have plenty of bounce in your step today because your sports challenge today is long jump.

Have you got a favourite sport that you like to do? There are so many of them to choose from. At the Olympics there are over 30 different sports. Have a look at the video and see which one would be your favourite sport.


There is a phonic challenge today and a story as well.

Have a great day and keep trying and go for gold!  

Ed Bear's Diary

Hello Goldcrest!  I hope the sporting events are going well!  The good thing about living with a dog is that there are a lot of tennis balls around which is handy for sports week but the bad thing is that it's really hard to throw a tennis ball without it being caught by the dog and taken away!  I was amazing at throwing tennis balls, Mrs Fullman was great at counting up my score and the dog was brilliant at running off with tennis balls and chewing them.  Fortunately he can only chew one at a time so there were plenty left for me to throw.  We had fantastic fun and laughed a lot, Louie chased, caught and chewed tennis balls and as his tail was wagging all the time I think he enjoyed himself.  It's long jump today so I'm off to do some warm up stretches and then I'm off to jump.  Good luck!  Ed x

Wednesday 1st July


It's the 1st July - already! Happy 1st of the month to you all.

Today the sports challenges continue and you will see that is a tennis ball challenge. You can do it!

Keep those scores safe and remember to send all your scores in on Friday.


Have fun everyone.

Ed Bear's Diary

On your marks, get set, go!  How are you getting on with the sporting challenges?  I struggled a bit with the basketball bouncing but Mrs Fullman had told me about 'The Koala who could' story so I kept positive and decided I could do it if I tried.  I practised bouncing nearly all morning and was becoming an expert so I thought I'd shoot some hoops!  You'll never guess what happened ... I forgot to let go of the ball and followed it through the hoop and got stuck!  I think I'll be better with today's tennis ball challenge, I've got my bamboo sticks ready as markers and I'm hoping for a high score.  Good luck Goldcrest!  Ed x

Tuesday 30th June

How did you get on with the running challenge yesterday? 5 minutes is a long time to run isn't it - I needed to have a lie down afterwards! 

Today we have got a basketball dribble to have a go at. Remember, just try your best as all the points add up. 

(The document with all the days activities was posted yesterday.)


Also today we have a Healthy Eating challenge that you might like to have a go at - what do you like to eat for lunch? You might like to help make it as well.

There is a phonics challenge and a story too.

Have a great day Team Goldcrest

Ed Bear's Diary

Ready, steady, go Goldcrest!  How did you get on with the running event?  Mrs Fullman said that everyone at school ran really fast and managed lots of laps.  I managed 22 laps and was extremely tired when I'd finished.  I needed a little rest so I listened to the story, I thought it was really funny that someone used a real egg that broke and made a mess instead of a hard boiled egg!  I've added a photo so you can see me racing with Usain Bolt, he's the fastest human and can run 27 mph, and as you can see by the photo I beat him ... I think I'm the fastest bear ever!  Only joking .... I wonder if you can see what I did to try to trick you?  I'm a bit worried about today's challenge as basketballs are quite big and I'm quite little but I'll try my best.  There's a basketball hoop in the garden so I might try shooting some hoops too.  Good luck everyone!  Keep bouncing, Ed xx

Monday 29th June - Sports Week!


Welcome to sports week everyone - the weather, as you'd expect, looks changeable! It does feel strange to not be doing it altogether at school but Mrs Bettridge and all the PE team have come up with a clever way of doing it at home and in your bubbles too.

Today, we are sending you the plan of the different sports to challenge yourself on each day. You can do these at home - and also at school. Don't forget to keep a score for your teams and send it in at the end of the week (a parent mail was sent home last week with the details and it is also written on the Family learning sheet on Friday.)


Today, we also have a story for you called 'Sports Day' and there is a diary challenge that you might like to have a go at.

You will notice the phonics is for Monday and Thursday this week.  In school we will be doing something slightly different in phonics so if you are at home today the phonics is for you! 


Go get yourself warmed up and run like the wind! Ready, steady, go!

Ed Bear's Diary

Good Morning Goldcrest.  Well that was a very wet and soggy weekend!  I was very lucky that I went out at the right time and only got a bit wet once!  This weekend I thought I'd do some boredom busting and learnt how to play noughts and crosses.  I quite liked it so we played with chalk and then with leaves and stones.  We came up with all sorts of other funny things to play with too.  I also tried one of the family learning ideas when it was raining and made paper planes.  I made 5 different styles of plane and found that you have to fold the paper very carefully.  As soon as it stopped raining we rushed out to fly them.  I found they went further when the wind was behind me to help them on their way.  I started to measure how far they went in footsteps but it started raining so collected them up and left it that the yellow one went the furthest!!  If they dry out I might try it again.  I'm going to do some warm up exercises ready for my running challenge.  Have fun, Ed x

Friday 26th June

Wow, it was super hot yesterday! Did you have your paddling pool out or eat  ice-cream? I bet Mr. Gumpy would have been happy to splash into the river.

We have got another couple of challenges for you today, one is all about telling the time and the phonics lesson today is about vowels again. I hope you have fun today and have a lovely weekend.

Ed Bear's Diary

Hello Goldcrest!  It's been a hot week to be covered in fur, I've spent a lot of time sitting in the shade reading or snoozing. Mrs Fullman's dog struggles a bit in the heat so we go on long walks in the evening.  We went on a walk yesterday and saw some painted rocks and a beautifully carved tree trunk, I wonder if any of you recognise where we went?  When we got back to the car park we had an ice-cream and the ice-cream man said "Cute dog" and gave him a mini ice-cream cone, he really enjoyed it!  It's time to listen to 'Not now Bernard' and then I might design my own monster before moving on to the time challenge and phonics.  Have a great weekend.  Bye for now, Ed x

Thursday 25th June

Hello, I hope you are ready for another fun day of home learning. We have a writing challenge for you today, but you are going to have to do a bit of research first with your grown up. There is also a phonics lesson, a new story time and if you have not done your handwriting yet this week I will pop that on again too. Have a great day.

Ed Bear's Diary

Hello Goldcrest.  I hope you're enjoying the sunshine and remembering to water your sunflowers, mine are growing really tall!  I've enjoyed making boats, I made a tinfoil boat and managed to put 4 stones in it and keep it afloat, 5 stones made it sink.  I put a pottery frog in and it sank, even with a bit of adjusting I couldn't get it to float, although from the photo you can't really tell it sank.  The best boat I made was the top of an egg box covered in tinfoil and I managed to get a cat and a frog in that one but they had to hold on to each other otherwise the boat toppled over.  I pretended to be Mr Gumpy and told them they could come on the boat if they held on tight.  How did you get on predicting if your boat was going to sink or float?  I found that quite tricky as I thought the stones would sink and the pottery frog would float!  Bye for now, Ed x

Tuesday 23rd June.

Good morning.

Did you make a boat yesterday? I wonder if your boat floated or sank. I was quite pleased with mine when I first put it in the water, but as the animals started getting on board it got a bit wibbly-wobbly like Mr. Gumpy's boat, and yes, you've guessed it - SPLASH - all the animals fell in the water! I had to go and try and try again until my boat was stable enough to carry my animals.

Today we are going to do some writing about Mr. Gumpy's boat ride, we have also got two more numbers for you to practise in handwriting, and some phonics.

I hope you all have a super day.

Monday 22nd June

Hello and happy Monday! 

We are going to have such fun this week, we are going to start today with a boat story, it is called Mr. Gumpy's Outing - it is quite funny. Then we are going to be building and testing boats - I am super excited! Have a great day, I can't wait to see all your boats.

Oh, and remember your phonics today too.

Photo Gallery

Ed Bear's Diary

Happy Monday Goldcrest.  I hope you all had a great weekend.  From the photo gallery I see that at least one of my friends went to the zoo with her family ... I thought it would be fun to see some animals in the wild so I went on a safari in Africa.  I saw zebras, giraffe, elephants, met some of the locals and came face to face with a lion, it was quite scary!  Guess what I found out .... lions are really big cats and the only cats that like to live in groups called prides.  All the female lions go out to hunt and males stay and look after the pride and their roar is so loud if there was a lion roaring at school you could hear it at Hemel Hempstead train station - that's about 5 miles!  I tried a really loud roar in the garden and Mrs Fullman could hear it kitchen, she wondered what I was doing!!  Have a lovely day, I'm going to build a boat after I've listened to the story!  I hope you like my photos!  Bye, Ed x

Did I manage to trick you?  Ed x

Friday 19th June

Hey Everyone . It looks like you had fun yesterday drawing and designing your Flumflums. Some of them are so brightly coloured!

I can't believe another week has nearly flown by but we have a great Maths challenge for you today and some more phonics too.So have a fun Friday and we'll see you again on Monday.

Happy weekend all.

Team Goldcrest


Here are your Maths and Phonics challenges for today.You'll need some dice! Sounds fun. Enjoy!

Ed Bear's Diary

Hello Goldcrest.  Don't get your knickers in a twist said Jack, the week is over and the weekend's back!!  I have had so much fun with the Jack and the Flumflum Tree challenges, I think it's been my favourite week so far.  I played a brilliant trick on Mrs Fullman yesterday, I covered myself in purple stickers and lay on the sofa under a blanket and when she came home I said I thought I had moozles!  She was just trying to find out how to get to Blowyernose to find a flumflum tree when I said I thought there was a flumflum in the fridge!  I'd put a waffle in there with chocolate chips on it and labelled it 'flumflum'.  I nearly tricked her but she spotted me peeling all the stickers off whilst I was eating the waffle.  I decided to share the waffle with her and I laughed so much I got hiccups!  This week I decided to try out one of the boredom busters so I made a couple of sock animals and sent a picture of them to Mr Griffiths, I thought I'd show you a picture just in case I sent it too late to be in the Friday assembly.  I must go and watch the assembly and then I'm going to do the maths challenge.  Have a great weekend, Ed x

Thursday ,18th June 

Hello everyone and happy Thursday. What fun you have had this week with "Jack and the Flum Flum Tree" I love your patchwork sacks.They have been so colourful and some of the things you have chosen to take with you are exciting! Ice cream seems to have been a favourite! We hope you enjoyed counting in twos and fives all around the house. Lots of socks have been counted and shoes . It's a  good job you're not in my house! We always have odd socks so they would be tricky to count.

Today we have another writing challenge for you. You can choose one or the other. Also there is a new phonics challenge and if you haven't done our handwriting lesson this week" don't get your knickers in a twist!"  I am re- posting it today. So lots of fun! 

Have a good day.

Team Goldcrest.


Jack and the Flum Flum Tree

Ed Bear's Diary

Happy Wednesday Goldcrest!  Hope you're having a great week. I've loved this week's stories and Mrs Fullman keeps saying, "Don't get your knickers in a twist said Jack" and then tries to say something that rhymes with Jack - sometimes she's not very good at it!  Maths was easy today, did you know bears have 5 toes?  Having 5 toes makes counting in 5s easy ..... I've got 20 toes, that's 5 toes on each foot.  I sorted socks from the airing cupboard which helped me count in 2s, there were 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14 and an odd one, so that's 7 pairs of socks and 1 odd one!  Yesterday I asked if we could visit Mrs Fullman's neighbour who has a pond in her garden.  I could see lots of newts so I got my net out and did some pond dipping.  I had to be really careful so I didn't hurt the newts but I managed to catch one!  Did you know that they can regrow legs and quite a few other parts of the body?  I also learnt that they hibernate and hide under logs, stones and sometimes even just stay at the bottom of the pond for the whole winter.  Have fun!  Ed x

Tuesday 16th June

What fun today with "Jack and the flumflum tree"Hope you enjoyed it and didn't get your Knickers in a twist! I wonder what you put in your patchwork sack?

I am looking forward to  reading some of your ideas.

Enjoy the activities today- there is a Maths challenge. Get ready to count in two's again. You will have to find different things to count.Keep going with the Phonics too.

I am putting the Handwriting up today too but you can choose when you do it. Remember we won't be posting any Home learning tomorrow so perhaps you might choose to do it then?

Have fun and enjoy !

Team Goldcrest


Here are your Maths and Phonics challenges today. Enjoy!

Photo Gallery

Monday 15th June 2020

Welcome back to another week of fun and learning together. We loved all your Giants last week. I think I felt a little bit scared of some of them! There were some lovely pictures and great writing too. Have a look at our Photo gallery. we love seeing all your photos.

This week we are listening to "Jack and the Flum Flum tree". Jack goes on  a great big adventure and finds lots of exciting things. We have some challenges for you too. I think you 'll enjoy them.Today we have a phonics challenge and a writing challenge too so have fun and we look forward to hearing from you.

Team Goldcrest


Today we have a phonics challenge for you and a writing challenge too. Enjoy!

Ed Bear's Diary

Fee fi fo fum I had a BBQ and it's in my tum!  I really enjoyed our Jack and Beanstalk week and have had a busy weekend.  We had a BBQ and went on the longest walk ever around Ashridge.  On the walk we chatted about how much we miss going to the seaside so when we got back I packed up my boat and snorkelling gear and popped off to the beach.  I rowed out to sea, dropped my anchor and snorkelled around it was fantastic.  I saw so many brightly coloured fish, a crayfish and even a turtle.  I hope you like my photos!  Bye for now, Ed x

Tee hee hee, cheeky me - only joking!  I was so tired after my walk I just wanted to relax and watch a nature program and I pretended it was me snorkelling!!!!  Ed x

Friday 12th June


It's Friday...again! How have you got on with your Jack and the Beanstalk challenges this week? Did you describe a pretty looking giant with beautiful blond hair or a rather smelly giant like mine with hairy toes and bad breath? Hope you had fun!


Today our challenge is to try and count up in 5s. You can use your hands and feet with this challenge or go in search of any little 5p pieces.

For phonics today there is a writing challenge and a new story to enjoy.


Have a look at home learning below for some extra ideas. On it there is a link to some online reading books you can access.


Have a wonderful weekend from everyone in Goldcrest.

Thursday 11th June


Happy Thursday everyone! How was your day yesterday? Did you see any giant beanstalks when you went out for a walk? 


Today we have a writing challenge to think about what the giant might look like. 

For phonics we have a reading challenge and a new story to listen to as well.


Have a great day - and watch out for the rain.


Wednesday 10th June

Have a great day today!

Ed Bear's Diary

Morning Goldcrest.  It's Wednesday, I like to have toast and honey for breakfast - did you notice I used all this week's new tricky words in one sentence?!  Yesterday I practised counting in 2s, Mrs Fullman was in school so I counted paws with her dog, he wasn't much help but we've got 8 paws between us.  I also watered the sunflowers, some have grown really tall and a few have been eaten by mini beasts in the garden, it's a good job we planted lots just in case!  Yesterday after school I went to see Mrs Fullman's Mum and Dad as it was her Dad's birthday.  After we'd sung happy birthday I noticed they had planted beans so I pretended to be Jack and I climbed the beanstalk.  Luckily there wasn't a giant at the top so I came back down and ate some birthday cake and watched a family of great tits eating nuts from the bird feeder.  I don't think we'll need to water the plants today as it's supposed to rain .... I wonder if we'll get some more thunder and lightning.  Bye for now, Ed x

Tuesday 9th June


Good morning. How did you get on with yesterday's Jack and the Beanstalk challenge? Thank you for sharing your writing - it was amazing to see all your great ideas. 

Today we have a number challenge - to count in 2s. Can you help Jack climb his beanstalk by counting in 2s? Good luck.

For phonics we are carrying on with Phase 4 and you can look at a word that has an apostrophe. There is a story too for you to enjoy.


I have put the handwriting on today - but you can do it any day of the week.

Have a great day.  

Monday 8th June


Happy Monday everyone! Did you have a fun weekend with your families? Wasn't there an exciting thunderstorm on Saturday - did you see the lightning and hear the thunderstorm? I loved watching it from my bedroom.


We hope you had lots of fun with bubbles last week  - I couldn't believe how big some of my bubbles were.

This week we are going to enjoy the story 'Jack and the Beanstalk'. Today we have the story read to you and a writing challenge.

For phonics we have some new tricky words to try and remember. I bet you are getting good at your tricky words.


Have a great day and watch out for any grumpy giants! 

Team Goldcrest

Ed Bear's Diary

Hello Goldcrest.  I hope you had a lovely weekend and didn't get too wet!  I loved listening to the rain on the window and really enjoyed watching the lightning flash through the sky, the thunder made me jump a couple of times.  We got quite wet on our dog walk on Saturday so we had a bit of pyjama weekend and played lots of games and watched a couple of films and I ate a whole bar of chocolate, it was only a little one!!  Fee Fi Fo Fum I'm off to do today's challenges - Jack and the Beanstalk is such a great story!  Bye for now, Ed x

Photo gallery

I thought that I'd share our 'return to school' bubble story:

Friday 5th June

Hello everyone, we have really enjoyed reading your bubble stories - what great ideas you all had.

Today we have the ZAP IT! number challenge for you, a phonics lesson and a story time.

We hope you enjoy your challenges today and have a great weekend.

Thursday 4th June

Hello, we have a couple more bubble challenges for you this week. Today there is a writing challenge and a phonics lesson. There is also the handwriting session for this week - don't worry, if you practised writing 2 and 3 on Tuesday you don't need to do it again. Remember to listen to today's story, and have a great day!

Ed Bear's Diary

Hello Goldcrest!  I'm having lots of bubbly fun this week are you?  I wrote the new tricky words on bubble shaped paper and stuck them on the fridge to help me remember them and cut out lots and lots of bubbles so I could count them and practise saying one more or one less.  I made up some bubble mixture and loved watching the bubble I blew float off in the wind and pop on plants. I think the best bubble word is 'pop'.  My favourite bubble fun was having a bath and splashing in the water to make lots of tiny bubbles, I might have used a bit too much bubble bath!  Enjoy the rest of the week.  Love Ed x

Tuesday 2nd June

Did you have fun yesterday with all those bubbles? I certainly did, blowing bubbles, chasing bubbles, writing about bubbles - such a great day!

Today we have a number challenge for you, a phonics lesson, the next handwriting session and a brand new story time. I do hope you have a good day.

Welcome Back

We hope that you have all had a lovely half term break, and were able to get out and enjoy the fantastic weather. 

It is good to be back with you again, and we hope you are looking forward to continuing your learning journey, whether that is at school or home, we will still all get to do the same challenges and share our learning fun on the website.


There will be challenges posted on the website on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Each week you will have 4 phonics lessons, a handwriting lesson and 4 fun challenges, plus the daily story times and of course the home learning sheet for those of you who want to try extra activities.


This half term we are starting to work on phase 4 phonics: some information about the learning expectations for this phase and some flashcard templates are posted at the top of the page under the phonics section.


Monday 1st June

It is all about bubbles this week, I love playing with bubbles - I hope you do too!

Today you have clip to watch about creating some bubbly fun, a phonics session and a new story time.

I hope you all have a super bubbly day!

Photo Gallery What fun we have all had!

Ed Bear's Half Term Diary

Hello Goldcrest!  I hope you had a great half term, I did!  The weather was fantastic so I went on lots of dog walks, watered my plants, lazed in the hammock, read books, played games and watched The Lion King - Mrs Fullman had never seen it so she set herself the challenge to find some time to watch it before going back to school.  I watched it with her and we both really enjoyed it.  I've attached a photo of a scrummy burger and fries I ate as a weekend takeaway treat and one of me playing a game of croquet. I'd never played it before but it was great fun!  You have to hit a wooden ball through metal hoops using a croquet mallet and when you've been all around the garden you have to hit a wooden stick at the end to be the winner.  I was quite good at it and came second!  Have a great week, Ed x   

Happy half-term from Team Goldcrest xxx

Friday 22nd May

Wow! The teddy shelters look amazing! The teddies look as though they will  definitely live healthily and happily. Well done to all of you who had fun making one.

We made them in school as well and had great fun!

Today's the day! My teddy is so excited! He has been waiting all week for his chocolate buttons and his jelly. I know Ed bear and Gogo are also excited!

We have a challenge for you this morning and a song to watch instead of a story. We hope you have a great picnic and we can't wait to see the photos. Have fun with your teddies.

Team Goldcrest


Here is the challenge and your phonics for today.

Ed Bear's Picnic

Hi Goldcrest!  I've just seen some of your shelters, they are fantastic and I hope you've had a great picnic with your teddy bears.  GoGo Bear from Firecrest came round this morning and we were both very excited about our picnic but we thought it was bit early to eat so we played lots of games in the garden, GoGo bought a frisbee round to play with so we started with that then we played high jump and limbo, I jumped the highest and GoGo was the best at limbo.  We took it in turns to have a bounce on the trampoline whilst Mrs Fullman filled up the paddling pool.  GoGo thought it would be fun to see who could make the biggest splash, I'm not sure who managed it but Mrs Fullman got soaking wet taking pictures!  Once we'd run around and dried out it was time for our picnic, we let Mrs Fullman join in as she looked a bit like a teddy bear, but her party hat didn't fit over her teddy ears!  We ate sandwiches, carrot sticks, cucumber, tomatoes, crisps, peppers, flapjack, teacakes, rocky road and some sweets - wow our tummies were full and we were so tired we fell asleep.  We've only just woken up so we thought we'd better post some pictures!  Have a happy half term!  Love Ed and GoGo xx

Ed Bear's Diary

I got up early this morning so I could be ready for the picnic and I accidentally woke Mrs Fullman up singing the teddy bear's picnic song.  Once she was awake I persuaded her to go on a early dog walk so I could spot digraphs on road signs, there were a lot! Now I'm off to prepare for the picnic.  Don't forget to have another look at my diary this afternoon as I'll post some photos for you.  Have fun, Ed x

Thursday 21st May

What a beautiful day today and so nice to be outside for some of the time. I hope that you all had time to use your senses and explore with our challenge.

So many colours, sounds and smells . 

We hope you enjoy today's challenge today.You will need to remember all about SWAF and what the teddies need to stay healthy. If you can't remember then watch the Exciting news video again from Monday.

There is a a new story again today and more phonics for you to practice. Have fun preparing for the picnic tomorrow too.

We look forward to seeing your Shelters and habitats.

Team Goldcrest..

Here is today's challenge and your phonics. Enjoy

Morning Goldcrest!  Did you hear, see and smell lots of things?  I went to school and had a colour hunt round the meadow and forest school wood.  The first thing I saw was how much everything has grown and I found some amazing colours, my favourite was a gorgeous big yellow flower near the pond.  There were lots of plants to smell by the path leading up to the meadow and I liked the lavender as it smells good and looks pretty.  I had a lie down in the meadow and listened to the sounds of nature.  I counted 4 different bird tweets and fell asleep listening to the leaves rustling in the trees.  When I woke up I thought I'd sing the rainbow song and think about everything I'd seen.  I quite liked being noisy so found some of the other school toys and we started up a band, we sang 'A Million Dreams', 'Let it go' and 'Shotgun'.  We then sang some of the Jolly Phonics songs, we sang the 'e', 'b', 'sh', 'w' and 'p' songs, for Ed Bear, Sheep, Wolf and Piggy!  I am off to go and fill in the missing digraphs and I'm very excited about the picnic tomorrow! Bye for now, Ed x

Wednesday 20th May 

 Wow!  What delicious menus your have been planning. They sound yummy! And you have been using your phonics brains to help you to sound out and write the words on your own. We can tell. We're so looking forward to Friday and the picnic.

Today we have a senses challenge for you. Teddies have a great sense of smell and hearing. You are going to use your sense to help you do our hunt.

It's great fun and I think you will need to go outside and enjoy the sunny weather too, so enjoy

Team Goldcrest! 

Here are the Senses challenge and your Phonics for today. Have fun!

Ed Bear's Diary

Hello Goldcrest.  I had such a busy day yesterday. I had so many things to do I did my handwriting practise and menu together!  I wrote 10 sandwiches, 10 cakes, 10 tomatoes, 10 carrot sticks, 10 packets of crisps and 10 drinks!  I managed to arrange an online chat with Barney Bear to learn more about SWAF and invited GoGo Bear to join us.  It was great, he explained the 4 secrets of life that enable all animals to survive.  Barney said 'S' was for shelter so we went into the woods and built a den suitable for us and we found that insects use logs and rocks for shelter, birds build nests and we found a hole in the ground which might have been for a rabbit.  'W' is for water which all animals need to drink, I found a pond that was quite muddy but there was some water.  'A' is for air which is what we all need to be able to breathe and is made from plants, we both found lots of them!  'F' is for food, I've made a list of food I'd like to eat at the picnic on Friday but bears and animals in the woods need to find their own food.  GoGo searched in leaves and found bugs and insects, I found some seeds and worms near some bluebells and we found a huge leaf that a very hungry caterpillar might like to munch on.  I hope you've all had a lovely day, I might need a bit of a rest today!  Ed x 

Tuesday 19th May

Well how exciting it has been today! Did you see your teddies with your teachers finding out all about SWAF. Did you know that the teddies need all those things to live happily?

I'm sure we'll be finding out more about this as the week goes on.

I hope you wrote to your teddies. Mine is so excited to be having a Teddy Bear's Picnic on Friday. He squealed when I gave him the invitation. Did yours?

I hope that you can help us today with the second challenge to plan what we will be eating, Good Luck.

We have some handwriting for you to practice today too. We are trying numbers today 0 and 1. Watch carefully to see how the numbers are formed .

Enjoy the Phonics today too and the story time. 

Have fun!

Team Goldcrest.


Help your teddies plan a menu and try out some more phonics too.

Super Super-veggies!

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