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Home learning for Kestrel class

During the school closure, teachers will post work onto the class pages daily.

We will often be using online learning resources that the children use regularly, e.g. Mathletics, Poisson Rouge, Purple Mash and TT Rockstars. Use the links to access these.

For Poisson Rouge please use login: corona2020 password: corona2020

If your child has forgotten their log in for the other websites, please email your teacher.

Kestrel Class weekly timetable starting Tuesday 24th March

French - Thursday 9th July 2020

Monday 1st June - English - Clauses and Conjunctions powerpoint

Wednesday 13th May - Maths Time powerpoint

The powerpoint above is to help children to tell the time to 5 mins. Unfortunately, it is too big to upload onto the website. I have uploaded it as a pdf, which means the answers are revealed at the same time as the questions. These are only examples, so please just use them as discussion points. Please go to Seesaw for the their activities on telling the time.

Many thanks

Sarah Roberts

Home Learning Monday 4th May- message

We hope you have had a lovely weekend. Maybe you went on a nice walk, or had some tasty meals!

A parent survey was sent out recently, and based on the feedback we have decided to post all of your work on Seesaw, or at least as much of it as we can. Occasionally we will post work on the website but your first port of call is Seesaw every day. Myself and Mrs Frost are learning how to do videos and voice notes so hopefully you'll be seeing more of our lovely faces! If you have any problems with this please let us know. You can email us or write a note on Seesaw.


The assemblies that take place on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays will still be on the webiste for you to watch! 

From Mrs Lampey

Home Learning Friday 1st May

Hi Everyone, Happy Friday. Today you have English (editing your finished story), Maths and RE from Mrs Halsey which is all about counting our blessings and you have a lovely arty task to complete. Well done on all your hard work this week, from Mrs Frost

Home Learning Thursday 30th April

Hello Everyone.  Your tasks today are English (carrying on the whole week task that was posted on Monday), Maths and we also have some musical treats for you. 


Firstly there is a Music lesson, I hope that by the end of it you're all as good as Mrs Bettridge and Mrs Roberts are in the video, or even better...


Secondly, if you haven't already seen this week's virtual Music Assembly I recommend you have a look.  There are no Kestrel stars in it this week which surprised me as you are such a talented bunch - if you want to sing or play an instrument in a future virtual assembly let us know.


Most excitingly of all, the teachers and other staff wanted to welcome you back to the Summer term in a special way so we have made you a video - we hope you enjoy watching it as much as we enjoyed making it.  We are all very grateful to Mr Griffiths for putting it together:


Home Learning Wednesday 29th April

Hello Kestrel class, hope the rain isn't getting you down.  I found that putting my waterproofs and wellies on yesterday and going for a good stamp around for my daily exercise was actually very enjoyable so you might want to give that a try.

For English today please carry on with your story (instructions for the whole week were posted on Monday).  There is also Maths and Topic to complete.

Home Learning Tuesday 28th April

Morning all! Today's tasks include carrying on with your English writing. If you feel you have finished it already, think how you could improve it: Is it a good story? Are all of your spellings correct? Capital letters in the right place? Full stops where they are needed? Have you included some speech?

Your other tasks are Maths and Science. I hope your week is going well. I have been isolating for 6 weeks now and it feels that long! 

From Mrs Lampey

Home learning Monday 27th April

Good morning you wonderful lot! Today you have English, Maths and PSHE. Your English is a writing activity that is for the whole week. On the document it suggests how you could break down the task for each day. Some parents have said it is easier to use Seesaw, so all of the attachments on the website are also on Seesaw if you would like to access them on there. Have a wonderful day :) 

Mrs Lampey



Home Learning Friday 24th April

Hi Kestrel Class, it's Friday again already.  Today's tasks are Maths, English and Art. 

You can also find out the answers to yesterday's emoji challenge - how did you do?

Don't forget to check out today's Friday assembly with Mr Griffiths.

Enjoy the nice weather this weekend, from Mrs Frost and Mrs Lampey.

Home Learning Thursday 23rd April

Hello Kestrel children,

Firstly, for anyone who hasn't watched it yet I can highly recommend yesterday's Music Assembly - lots of great performances from Bridgewater children (and some parents) including a Kestrel star (hint - it's mostly his hands).  You can navigate to Assemblies from the Home pages - News and Events - Coronavirus - Assemblies, or the direct link is

Today's main tasks are Maths, English, Computing and French.  For Computing please watch the PowerPoint in 'Slide Show' view for the best experience.

Today there is also a bonus 'Just for Fun' Computing/English task which is guessing book titles just from emojis.  The answers will be revealed tomorrow.

Home Learning Wednesday 22nd April

Hi everyone, today you have Maths, English and Topic - in Topic we are starting our new subject 'Stone Age to Iron Age'.  Watch the PowerPoint first then complete the timeline activity.  If you want an extra challenge there is also a word search.

Home Learning Friday 3rd April

Today is the last day of home learning before the Easter Break, well done on all your hard work over the last 2 weeks.  We have been really impressed by the work that we've seen and especially enjoyed seeing your Kestrel art and Easter hats.  What a talented bunch you are!

You have English, Maths and Topic tasks today.  We will be setting a couple of optional tasks to be done over the Easter break, these will be sent later on today.

Home Learning Thursday 2nd April

English, Maths, Computing and French tasks today.  The link for French is

Home Learning Wednesday 1st April

Before we get to today's learning I'd like to share a picture of the beautiful plant you gave me.  Today it has blossomed into full flower and looks amazing, thank you again!

Today in a slight change to the timetable you have tasks for Maths, English and Art/DT.  We've moved Topic to Friday this week to give you a chance to do the Art project first and send in your pictures before we break up for Easter.  We can't wait to see what you come up with...

Don't forget that Mrs Bettridge will be posting Singing Assembly today as well.

Home learning Tuesday 31st March

Morning everyone! Maths, Guided reading and Science today. In science we're starting a new topic, Plants! 


Home learning for Monday 30th March

Hello lovely Kestrel class. We hope you're well rested and ready for a new week. Today you have an English, Maths and PSHE task. All the links are below. Enjoy!

Kestrel Art - we've been impressed by all the different ways you have come up with to represent your Kestrels. If you'd like your picture to be added to the slideshow please email it to Mrs Frost or Mrs Lampey. Unfortunately at the moment we can't transfer photos received via Seesaw to the website because of a technical hitch...

Home Learning for Friday 27th March

Hi Everyone, well we are on the last day of our first week of Home Learning!  Today there is some Maths work below, an English task in Seesaw (please log in to Seesaw for details) and an Art task below.  If you want to send your finished art work in we will put it all up on the class page.  

Don't forget today there will be another virtual assembly on the main Bridgwater Coronavirus page.

Finally, below is a little video of the class banner we made in school last Friday.

Enjoy your weekends, from Mrs Frost and Mrs Lampey

26 March 2020

Mrs Lampey doing her Joe Wicks workout!

Still image for this video
Hello all, have you been doing the Joe Wicks workout? I have done it every morning and I'm thoroughly enjoying it! I also like that I do it at the same time every day so it gives me a bit of a routine. Miss you all!

Home Learning for Thursday 26th March

Hi Kestrel, today's home learning is English (Spelling and Handwriting), Maths, Computing and French. 

Bon chance!  (Good luck!)

 Home Learning for Wednesday 25th March

Hi Kestrel Class,

Well done on all the work you've done so far, it's great to see you making such an effort when you are at home. Maths, English and Topic tasks to do today, nothing on Seesaw just open the documents below.

From Mrs Frost and Mrs Lampey

Today you can also access Mrs Bettridge's virtual Music Assembly through the main Coronavirus page on the website.  It's a real treat!

Home Learning for Tuesday 24th March 2020


Guided Reading

Please log into your SeeSaw account to complete your Guided Reading


Please see presentation below.  


Please see task below. Instructions are on the document. The challenge is optional.