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Home learning for Teal

Hello Teal class!


I hope everyone is well.

Your home learning tasks will be posted on this page every weekday morning.

They will also be posted on the Teal class page of the Seesaw website, so make sure you're connected!

The timetable for home learning for this week is below.

Please do each task either in your home learning book or online. If you're working in your book, please take a picture of your work and send it to me so I can see how you're getting on!

Remember: try to read for at least 10 minutes a day (ideally more!) and to do 15 mins of TTRockstars a day. This will really help you keep up with your learning while we're away from school.

I will look forward to seeing the work you produce. Have fun!

Home learning timetable 30th March - 3rd April

Easter Holiday tasks. We have posted on Seesaw today some projects for the Easter holidays! There is the Science fact sheet that you were already aware of - this is not optional! There are also 2 optional activities; the photo competition and the opportunity to write a message to our wonderful NHS staff. I have put all 3 documents here for you to read. Have a lovely Easter break - don't eat too much chocolate!!

Hello again! Here are your English tasks for Friday 3rd April. You have a Spelling task about homophones and some handwriting to do. You can complete the first part of the Spelling task on Seesaw or in your workbook. The second part (creating your own homophone dictionary) probably needs to be completed in your work book as I'm not sure how much you can write on a 'note' on Seesaw! Please spend time doing your spelling task carefully - lots of you are not secure in your knowledge and use of homophones. Obviously, your handwriting needs to be completed in your work book not on Seesaw!

Good morning! Here are your maths, guided reading and art tasks for Friday 3rd April. As it's the end of term, there's just one maths task today (though it has several steps!). You're going to use your maths skills to solve a mystery! You can send me your answer when you've worked it out and I'll tell you the correct answer later in the day! For Guided Reading you're reading a picture book and answering questions. On Seesaw there's a video of Mrs Blackie reading the book to you as well, so check that out! Then you're going to do some art: designing your own flying machine. Everything you need to know is in the documents below. Enjoy!

SCIENCE HELP! Here's a document with weblinks to help if you can't play the games. There's a second document on Seesaw too! Hope it helps!

Hello! Below are the documents you will need to complete your Science and English Tasks for Thursday 2nd April. For English, follow the link on the document and complete the 3 games. Then edit the paragraph for punctuation. You can do this in your work book or on the response note on Seesaw. The first part of your Science is online too - some information to read, some activities to do and quizzes to complete. You do not need to record any evidence of this but what you learn will be obvious in your holiday project! This project is the second part of Science and is to create your own double page spread of what you have learned about electricity - do this as a holiday project as it is too much for one days learning!

Good morning everyone! Below are your maths tasks for Thursday 2nd April. There's a brain warm up, a main maths task and a challenge. As usual, the challenge is optional. Only do this if you feel like more maths! The main maths task today is a mixture of more long division and another method - short division! Now that you can do long division, you might find short division quite a bit easier. Read the document carefully and see how you get on with the calculations. There's a video on Seesaw to help. Enjoy!

Hello! Your English task today is to write a verse to continue a narrative poem. The document below shares the poem and a guide to writing your own verse - follow it step by step. You can record your work in your book or on the 'note' response form on Seesaw.Then you can illustrate it in your work book if you would like to.

Good morning! Here is your maths and topic home learning for Wednesday 1st April. For maths, you have a brain warm up, main task and challenge as usual - and, as usual, the challenge is completely optional! The main task is more long division. There's a video on Seesaw to help. For topic you're looking at two very important Anglo-Saxon kings and writing a fact file on one of them. I'll look forward to seeing how you get on! Enjoy!

Good morning! Here are the tasks for English and Computing for Tuesday 31st March. In English we are looking another form of poetry- Tankas. Read the document and have a go at writing your own. The brainstorm can be done in your work book and the poem either in your workbook or on the response form (a 'note') on Seesaw. Computing is our last programming task. Either use Kodu if you have it at home or activities on Purple Mash as explained on the document below.

Good morning! Welcome to your maths home learning for Tuesday 31st March. There's a brain warm up (to get your maths brain going) and then the main task is more long division. You did so well with this yesterday. Today there's an extra step, so watch the video on Seesaw if you can! Then, if you want more, there's a maths challenge - but only do that if you want to! Enjoy!

Hello again! Hope everyone is raring to go for another week of learning. Here is your English Task for today. We are looking at riddles - I love riddles :-) The first document has ones for you to solve - don't scroll too quickly as each answer is on the next slide. Guess before you scroll! The second document is an explanation of your task and some help to complete it. This can be done either in your work book and emailed if you want me to solve your riddle, or you can do it on Seesaw on the response form (which is just a note) Have fun and see if you can trick me!

Good morning! Hope you had a lovely weekend! Below are your maths and RE tasks for Monday 30th March. They're all on Seesaw too. For maths, do the brain warm up and then the main task, and then - only if you want to, it's not compulsory - there's a maths challenge. The main task is long division. This has lots of steps so watch the video on Seesaw if you can! I'll look forward to seeing how you get on. Enjoy!

Home learning timetable 24th - 27th March

Hello! The links below are your spelling and handwriting activities for Friday 27th March. There are 2 spelling tasks that can either be done on printed copies of the documents below or on Seesaw on a response sheet. If you can't print Task 1 (An ordinary day text) or do it Seesaw, then make lists in your workbook of the words with different numbers of syllables and the words with unstressed vowels. Similarly for the table of words according to their unstressed vowel re-draw the table in your book and fill it in. Read the document called Spelling Friday 27th March for the full explanation of the tasks and watch the Learn with Livi video on Seesaw for some help! The handwriting task is to copy the poem in your best handwriting into your workbook.

Morning! Here is your home learning for Friday. There are three maths tasks (a brain warm up that is super-quick, the main task and a challenge that's entirely optional). There is a video on Seesaw to help you with the main maths task. Please also find attached below a short guided reading exercise. You can complete these in your Home Learning books or on a template on Seesaw. For your French lesson today you're writing some sentences and creating a poster about the weather in French. All the documents posted below are also on Seesaw. Enjoy!

Hello! Your tasks for today are to complete your story for English, making sure you edit for spelling and punctuation. Make sure you have created an atmosphere. Your Science task is in two parts. TASK 1 - Look at the Powerpoint slide attached below. Learn about all the examples of how to use electricity safely at home. Complete the task sheet by explaining why each numbered point is dangerous. You can do this on a printed copy of the attached document or on the response template on Seesaw. TASK 2 - Create a colourful poster about how to use electricity safely. Do this on plain A4 paper or in your work book.

Welcome to home learning for Thursday 26th March! There are three maths tasks - a brain warm up (quick!), a main maths task and a challenge. It'd be lovely if everyone could have a go at the brain warm up and main task (just like we do in class). Then if you still want more, have a go at the challenge - but that is totally optional! There's a video on Seesaw (all these tasks are also on Seesaw) to help with the main maths task. Enjoy short multiplication!

Good morning! Here is your English Home Learning for Wednesday 25th March AND Thursday 26th March. This also on Seesaw. Your task is to spend today and Thursday telling your story out loud to someone in your house, then writing it! Enjoy being really creative with descriptions and creating a mood or atmosphere with your words.

Welcome to your home learning for Wednesday 25th March! Below are your maths tasks (brain warm up and main task that everyone should have a go at, and a challenge if you still want more) and your topic task. Enjoy showing me how well you have understood the Viking raids on Anglo-Saxon Britain!

Good morning! Here are your home learning tasks for English and Computing. These are also posted on Seesaw for those who prefer to look on there. For the English story planning, you can choose to print out the planning sheet and draw / write on that or create your own on paper or in your workbook.

Here are your maths tasks for Tuesday 24th March: a brain warm up and a main task which everyone should do (there's a video to help on Seesaw!) and then a challenge if you still want to do more maths! All of this is also on Seesaw. Where these documents refer to 'notes attached below', they are accessible on Seesaw. It is fine to do all of this maths in Home Learning books (or online on Seesaw). Your choice. Enjoy!

During the school closure, teachers will post work onto the class pages daily.

We will often be using online learning resources that the children use regularly, e.g. Mathletics, Poisson Rouge, Purple Mash and TT Rockstars. Use the links to access these.

For Poisson Rouge please use login: corona2020 password: corona2020

If your child has forgotten their log in for the other websites, please email your teacher.