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Mrs Harrison has sent in some pictures of her planting. She has been been busy in the garden preparing raised beds for this year's planting. The pictures below show the chard I planted last year, which is still going strong and delicious (for both humans and her guinea pigs)! The other picture shows our baby tomato plants. She has lots more to do!

A message from Mrs Maguire (Mrs M):

I'm looking forward to cherry tomatoes in the summer. I've been putting my seedlings into bigger pots ready for the garden. I used a packet of seeds but I have read that you can plant seeds from the inside of your favourite tomatoes so I might try some of those this week. Don't forget to keep your plants warm, maybe in a plastic bag until they grow a little.


I've also read that you can make your own plant pots from yoghurt pots or toilet rolls or newspaper so I'm going to try making some newspaper pots.