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School is closed on Tuesday 12 December

Dear Parents and Carers, 


Following a further risk assessment this morning by Mrs Doodson and Mrs Bettridge, including assessing the local roads, walking the area around the school from 06.45 to 07.00 and talking to the coach company (the coaches have been out to start routine school runs this morning), we have decided that we cannot take the coaches to Aylesbury to the pantomime due to the risk of ice and we have had to take the decision to close the school today. Although the weather warnings are for untreated roads, even treated roads are showing too much risk of ice. 


Haynes Mead and Bridle Way were gritted yesterday afternoon but unfortunately this has not had the impact that the council had hoped. Both road and pavement conditions this morning are very treacherous. We have therefore unfortunately decided that we must close the school today. 


We worked hard yesterday to consider all available options, including alternative pick up points close to school, in order to get the children safely to the pantomime. This is not a decision we have taken lightly. We know that the children will be disappointed but once they are back in school we will explain to them why we have had to cancel. We are sure that parents will appreciate this has been a difficult decision but the safety of the children is our main concern. 


Unfortunately we cannot rearrange our theatre visit as the pantomime is fully booked. The tickets are not refundable. If parents would like to take their children to the pantomime this morning, we will find a way for you to collect the tickets - more details to follow shortly.


Kind regards

Bridgewater Primary School