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Our love of reading

Reading for pleasure is highly valued at Bridgewater Primary School. Research repeatedly demonstrates the importance of reading skills in a child's prospects and future success but we also want to provide rich opportunities for every child to develop a genuine love of reading for pleasure. 


Below you'll find:

  • Information on what we've done to revamp our library
  • How you can get involved in maintaining our library as an exciting, enjoyable space for our children
  • Some photos from our library


In 2018, we revamped our library to make sure that our children get the maximum possible benefit from the fantastic space. We audited the stock, asked staff and parents for feedback and got more than 150 "Bright Ideas" from our children on what they wanted from their library. As a result of all the feedback and suggestions, we:

  • updated the book stock
  • added a wider range of reading (including newspapers, magazine, graphic / comic novels)
  • made a plea for donations and received lots of generous contributions including books and even a tipi!
  • improved signs to help our children find their way around the library
  • introduced more seasonal and topic displays 
  • included book reviews and recommendations, from children and staff, on our library shelves
  • made cosy book nooks to read in
  • strung up bunting of book reviews from our children 
  • opened the library at lunchtimes
  • made a mobile library - baskets of books to go onto the school field / playground at lunchtime
  • introduced Junior Librarians to help run their library
  • hung giant books made by our children from the ceiling
  • held a Reading Week to launch the new library, including a fantastic visit from an author (Gareth P. Jones) and a book fair which raised over £1,000


Our children have responded so positively to the revamped space and really got involved in making it happen. Books are a hot topic of conversation at Bridgewater, with children recommending books to each other and to staff. We'd love your help to keep that going, so....


Could you help our team of volunteers (parents / member of the local community) by either:


1. Popping into the library (for as little as 10 minutes, once a week) to return books to the shelves, tidy shelves and put books on display? We try to have volunteers in the library every day. Before, during or after school is fine. Your children are welcome to join you before or after school. 


2. Staffing our library at lunchtimes? Ideally, we ask volunteers to come in from 11.55 to 13.05 once a week, but if you can do once a fortnight then we'd love to hear from you too. You don't need to know anything about library systems etc (we provide a briefing on what to expect and there are experienced volunteers plus Junior Librarians available to help). You just need to be enthusiastic about our children getting the most out of their library. 


Interested? Please do email us: Thank you!