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Together rain or shine

At Bridgewater our philosophy is simple: the closer a child feels to the children that surround them and the teachers that inspire them, the more considerate, confident and capable they'll ultimately become. 


When children know what it is to belong, through both good times and bad, they quickly grow in emotional maturity. If a child is down, at Bridgewater you'll see other children lift them up. When a child excels, you'll see other children celebrate that success. Moreover, when children feel they belong they feel safe and when they feel safe they gain the confidence to take risks, enabling them to discover the learning techniques that work best for them and the drive to do well. 


With Forest School status and expansive grounds that dovetail into the Ashridge National Trust Estate. With staff that are committed to the very latest in creative techniques. And with a determination to bring our children, our teachers and our parents together in a joyful environment, it's our vision to create a school where every child gains the emotional intelligence of belonging, the confidence to experiment and the ways and the will to succeed. 


Our values

Be the best you can be

To be a community which excels in the academic, cultural, personal and social development of all pupils.


To foster a culture of genuine respect for others, irrespective of age, race, gender or disability, as well as respect for ourselves.


To ensure that all our pupils are healthy and safe, and are given the opportunity to achieve success in all their undertakings, irrespective of age, race, gender or disability.


To foster a culture of encouraging a genuine love of learning and a genuine determination to achieve and succeed.


To enable our pupils to become resourceful, enthusiastic, independent young people who can learn from their mistakes and who are not afraid to try new things.


As a school and as individuals, to be an active and valued part of the community and make a positive contribution to society.


Every month we bring the values to life for the children by focusing on different behaviours, including politeness, happiness, perseverance and honesty.


Life at Bridgewater

You can read more about life at Bridgewater in our prospectus and in our parent/carer handbook. Our annual review highlights some of the broader life of the school beyond our core curriculum.


Follow this link to watch a welcome from Caren Doodson, our Headteacher and a virtual tour of Bridgewater. 


We have captured the views of our parents and pupils in our Parent Survey and Pupil Survey

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