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PE and Sport at Bridgewater School


At Bridgewater we endeavour to make the first experiences that our children have of PE and sport as beneficial and positive as possible. We provide our children with quality PE lessons each week provided by Mr Jones and our Class Teachers.

There is an amazing range of before, during and after-school clubs and activities on offer that give children the opportunity to train together, improve their knowledge across a variety of sports and play competitively against each other within school (Intra) and other local schools (Inter) to enrich their education and we cater for the individual needs of all of our children.

We monitor attendance to all clubs and encourage children to try out new sports and activities in their time at our school. We provide opportunities for children who wish to compete at a school, district or regional level and this has enabled us to achieve the School Games Gold Mark for 2017/18. We keep records of pupil's participation in competitions, encouraging participation and enjoyment, as well as celebrating and encouraging sporting success.

Our Vision

We believe that sport offers tremendous opportunities for teamwork and collaboration, as well as being an incredibly important part of a healthy lifestyle.
We believe that physical education is an essential part of a child’s educational development. Bridgewater aims to develop a balanced programme offering a variety of activities to benefit all children regardless of sporting ability. Positive participation in physical education will enable children to build self-esteem, team work and a positive attitude to physical exercise.

We aim to:
 Develop confidence, skills and knowledge
 Pursue excellence
 Be proud of achievements
 Promote fair play and respect
 Educate children to improve health and well being
 Provide quality opportunities for children outside of the school day