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1. Key Information for Goldcrest Class


In this section you will find a quick reference guide to your class including your Forest School rotation, letters and uniform requirements. There is also a copy of the welcome booklet for your class - please do refer to it throughout the year because it contains lots of useful information about what to expect in this class, how long homework should take each week, samples of age-appropriate handwriting and more. 

Your teaching staff in Goldcrest class are:


Mrs Kathy Beaumont

Mrs Jenny Berry

Mrs Jane Fullman (Teaching Assistant)

Miss Mollie Stevens (Teaching Assistant)

The welcome booklet for Goldcrest class is here:

Meet the teacher presentation - September 2020

Letters for Goldcrest class can be found here:


You can find your child's Forest School Timetable here.

Home Learning



  •  Reading


  • *Family Learning
  • Daily


  • Weekly

RSE Curriculum

This year we will continue to teach the children using materials from our updated Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) scheme. This edition of ‘Teaching RSE with Confidence in Primary Schools’ reflects the recent developments in SRE and the Science National Curriculum. This resource encourages children to develop the skills of listening, empathy, talking about feelings and relationships with families and friends.


All the lessons have a clear structure and are age appropriate. The lesson plans have clear aims and learning outcomes with suggested additional activities and accompanying resources:


Reception: Our Lives - 

Caring friendships

Being kind


Uniform requirements

A full list of the school's uniform requirements is on the school website here. In Reception, points to note are:


Core school uniform No special notes for this class

1. Small book bag 

2. Drawstring PE bag (school logo optional)

PE / games

Trainers or plimsolls.  


Lockdown is ending - welcome back......

Celebrating Chinese New Year in School

....and at home!

What's going on in Goldcrest Class 2020/21?

10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 This week we have explored the book Whatever Next. We have counted, made lists and drawings, designed rockets and space helmets, made assault courses and had fun playing and learning!

Brilliant boomerangs! Thank you for sharing your work this week. We hope you enjoyed exploring Australia and finding out about the animals that live there...

Hi Goldcrest - thank you all for your learning that you have shared with us on Seesaw. It's not quite the same as playing and learning together at school - we are thankful that you are all safe and well. It has been so positive to share your photographs, watch your videos and listen to your voices. We will plan a google meet up for next week - details will be posted on Seesaw. Thank you to all our families - keep going!

Oi Bridgewater School

Nearly at the end of term..... and what a term it has been!

We have enjoyed a busy week - Christmas has arrived at Bridgewater. We have a post office in our classroom and a shop! We have been making paper chains, folded paper snowflakes, cards and calendars. We have worked on our shared video this week too - it goes live on Monday. We had a little preview today!

Wishing all our families a happy weekend :-)

Family Learning - thank you to all our families who take part in home>school learning. We love sharing what you do together at home and reading your comments.

Wednesday 25th November - Thanksgiving Celebrations


We built the Mayflower for the Pilgrims to make their journey to America.  We stocked up with food and had buckets just in case big waves came over the sides of the ship.

w/c 23rd November - Little Red Hen


We have been exploring 'The Little Red Hen'.  We have tasted different types of bread, drawn story maps, acted out the story in the meadow, taken turns 'hot seating', told the story with yoga moves, made our own little red hen and have written our own 'Little Red Hen' books.

Friday 20th November

Thank you for sharing your Family Learning. Please add a comment, a picture or even send us a video. We like to see what you do together at home! Thank you, Team Goldcrest

16th November "Odd Sock Day"

We have been talking about what makes a good friend and we shared our thoughts. Watch our video and see if you can think of any more ideas.


Odd Sock Day. We looked at our socks and how they are all different. We looked at each other and realised that we are all different too. It's good to be different and we should appreciate and celebrate our differences. We read Todd Parr's book "Be Who You Are". We talked about what we want to be ......

03.11.20  PE


This term we are practising our ball skills.  We had to bounce and catch a ball whilst our partner counted how many times we caught it.

We had to throw and catch the ball with our partner.
We had to try to bowl the ball through our partner's legs.

W.B 12th October . Kitchen Disco week.

What a fun week we have had! We have read, chanted, made musical instruments of our own and used saucepans to make a drumming work shop. We have danced and boogied and written a poem together. We have drawn funky fruit and we have counted and matched numbers of fruit . We have "shaken our pips" and "wiggled our hips" and done the conga many times.  We have even painted with kitchen utensils like a potato masher and a whisk .What fun! 

Family Ribbons Goldcrest - love the words!

Please do ping us an email if you have a question or a worry – however small!

If it’s a general Reception question you can use

If it’s specific to your child please email our class teaching team – please copy in both teachers as we job share:

Wishing you all a lovely Autumnal weekend.

October 2nd We have had fun this week. Painting, ordering, playing, writing in role and mixing outside. The gingerbread man continues to be a focus and we have played with the salt dough biscuits that we made (we are finding raisins everywhere!) The children innovated a lovely story - we have sent it home to share. Our first wet playtime too.....


Have a lovely weekend, rest and relax.


Team Goldcrest.

Family Learning 1st Oct 2020

What are we learning about in Goldcrest Class?

First week and so impressed with our new children. Coming into school, new faces, new places! This week we have been discovering our learning spaces together and observing the children in their play. We have seen new friendships forming and high engagement in self-chosen learning. We have eaten lunch in our dining room. We are learning the routines of collecting our food and clearing away afterwards. Well done!

Family Learning 11th September. Each week we will send home some suggested tasks to support classroom learning. Tasks are voluntary and we seek to make them playful and fun! This year particularly it will be an opportunity to share what we have been working on in school and extend home/school links. Please send your Family Learning book back into school on a Wednesday. Thank you.













2. What is going on in Goldcrest class in 2019/20?

Welcome to another new year in Reception! 

We are so excited to be starting in Goldcrest and we have had a fun few days exploring our new classroom.

We are looking forward to getting to know each other and to begin our new learning journey.

Goldcrest have enjoyed a gingerbread man themed week. We even made and ate our own gingerbread biscuits out in the meadow. 
Well! What  a lovely first term we have had. We have made lots of new friends , we have worked together to explore different stories and ideas, , we have enjoyed learning new sounds and digraphs in Phonics and we have been discovering different areas of learning inside and outside our classroom. We have finished with our Nativity story which we performed to all our grown ups. We have had so much fun!

We have had fun exploring The scarecrows Wedding and castles and dragons.

Your class teacher will update this page at least once per term with photos and information on recent events or activities.