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Thea George, Teacher - Year 4 (Teal)

After a 25-year career in business journalism, event organisation and communications, I made the decision to retrain as a teacher because I wanted a more fulfilling career, to contribute more to my local community, and to work with children (having my own two, now aged 5 and 9, made me realise how much I like them!)


Bridgewater Primary has been part of my journey into teaching from the beginning. I needed some experience volunteering in a school in order to apply for teacher training and I wrote to several. Bridgewater was the first to reply. The school welcomed me with open arms then and has supported me without fail in the years that have followed, throughout training and into my NQT year.


For my part, I knew I wanted to work at Bridgewater from the moment I first entered the building and I feel so lucky and so honoured to have the opportunity to do so. Being part of the nurturing Bridgewater family is perfect for a new teacher, and I benefit every day from the support of the staff, children and parents, just as I believe that every pupil here is supported, cared for and enabled to do their very best in all aspects of school life.


Year 4 at Bridgewater Primary is an exciting place to be, as we consolidate and build on the children’s learning during Year 3, and work with them to strengthen their independence and resilience as they continue their progress through Key Stage 2.