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Travel to school

We'd love every member of our school community to get involved in encouraging healthy, environmentally friendly and community friendly travel to Bridgewater. It's important now but it will become even more important over the coming years as the school fills up - when we have 460+ children there certainly won't be space for everyone to bring a car!


Travel Matters @ Bridgewater is the campaign of our Travel Group. We have an active school travel policy to encourage everyone - including pupils, parents, childminders, grandparents, staff and local residents - to get involved in sustaining and improving how we all travel to and around the school. We're proud to have been awarded our Gold Modeshift Star (Modeshift is a national travel to school campaign) for our active travel plan.


We have lots of events and campaigns to encourage pupils and staff to walk, scoot or cycle whenever possible - our banners on the school gates remind everyone to "fill your lungs, not your tank". Where that is not possible, we encourage families to "park and stride", car share and park considerately - importantly, Don't be a Road Monster


There are some fantastic photos of how we travel to school here and some photos of our travel events, including Wheelie Week and BikeFest, here and here. Below you'll find our school travel rules and the handy map we've prepared to show you our one-way system, the "park and stride" zones and areas where you definitely cannot park or drop-off. Some games to play on the walk to school are in the pdf below. If you are planning to buy a MicroScooter: did you know that if you enter the URN code 117541 at checkout (there is an option to "apply school code") then Bridgewater receives a 10% donation (without it costing you a penny)? 


If you'd like to know more or might be interested in helping to run our travel events (such as Bike Week or Walk to School week), please email us at You can also follow the Travel Group on Twitter @BWTravelGroup. Our Travel Group is responsible for delivering the travel plan. Members of the group have specific responsibilities as follows: 


Walking Week: TBC

Walking Bus: Esther Stewart, Jules McEachran 

Bike Week: Esther Stewart, Fran Cerda, Emma Bradbury

Newsletters (parents and residents): Emma Bradbury 

Junior Travel Ambassador patrol rota: Alex Haeri 

Governor representative: Imogen Wagstaff

Resident representative: Rosemary North 

Staff representative: Caren Doodson (Headteacher) & Mrs Brown

Pupil representatives: Junior Travel Ambassadors (two from each year group, Year 1 upwards)

Be Bright, Be Seen!

Demonstrates that light and brightly coloured clothing and accessories do not show up at night. Reflective material is needed to enhance visibility in the dark.


Our school travel rules


Do walk to school whenever possible.
Do park and stride - park a few minutes away from school and walk, scoot or cycle the last part. You could park on Bridgewater Road, Springfield Road, St Katherine’s Way or in the Meadow Road / Egerton Road area (which is linked to the school by an alley).
Do follow the one-way system - at drop-off and pick-up times. Please drive clockwise to school. Go up Haynes Mead and down Bridle Way. This is marked on our travel map.
Do drive slowly – we are in a 30 mph zone but 20 is plenty around a school. And the school driveway is 5 mph.
Do help your child collect Walk once a Week badges - when they arrive in the morning, children log how they travelled to school (using the interactive white boards). Whether you walk, scoot, cycle, park and stride – they all count towards the badge. And we all know children do love a collectible badge!


BUT please:

Don’t be a Road Monster - your children say it best – if you haven’t already seen it then PLEASE do click here to watch the Road Monster video.
Don’t park or drop-off on the yellow zigzags or double yellow lines – they are there for a reason. Stopping for even the shortest time isn’t allowed. The police can fine you for parking here.
Don’t park or drop-off on both sides of the road - we need to leave plenty of space for emergency vehicles and buses so please only park on one side. On Bridle Way, please only park on the left as you go down the hill.
Don’t park on the pavement / grass verges or blocking driveways - we need to allow clear access for pushchairs and wheelchairs on the pavement, clear access for residents to their driveways / garages and also ensure that we don't damage grass verges that our neighbours maintain.
Don’t park on the school drive or in the school car park between 07.45 and 16.30 - and please don’t use the disabled spaces (unless you have a permit).

Our Walking Bus

What is a Walking Bus and how does it work?

A Walking Bus is a supervised group of children walking to school. It is made up of at least two adult volunteers, who are DBS checked and act as a ‘driver’ and a ‘conductor’ to escort the children. The ratio of adults to children is 1:6, so we have a maximum of 12 pupils per bus route. All children from Reception to Year 6 can join the Walking Bus (children in Nursery must be accompanied by a parent or carer). All children must sign up to the Walking Bus in advance - you can't just turn up on the day. Adults and children all wear high-visibility waistcoats. The Bus follows a set route (approved by Hertfordshire County Council – we cannot deviate from the agreed routes) and ‘walks’ to a published timetable.


Why join the Walking Bus?

We hope that the Walking Bus will benefit children, parents and the local community by:

• Improving pedestrian and road safety skills

• Promoting healthy exercise

• Saving time and fuel costs for parents

• Developing children’s independence and social skills

• Reducing traffic congestion and parking issues around schools


What are the routes?

Full details of our timetable and routes are on the Walking Bus map but in summary we have three routes:

1. Red route: From the train station down Bridgewater Road, up the footpath before Normandy Drive, across Meadow Road, into the back entrance to the school field. 

2. Green route: From the Lagley Meadow playground, down across the high street zebra crossing, up Billet Lane, across the pelican crossing, up Bridle Way to school. We split this into Green Route A and Green Route B because it is very popular but our maximum group size is 12 pupils. 

3. Blue route: From Cowslip Meadow, up St Katherine's Way, via the footpath to Hill Top / Sayers Gardens, up Haynes Mead to school. Please note that we will only run this route from September 2017 if there are enough pupils and volunteers signed up - please complete the forms if you are interested.


Where can I find more information and how do I sign up?

Please read the letter to parents below and take a look at our Walking Bus route map and timetable. If your child / children want to join the Walking Bus, please complete the two consent forms (you need a copy of each form for each child). If you need further information about how the Walking Bus works, please email

Don't be a Road Monster (Berkhamsted Schools)

A fantastic road safety film aimed at motorists driving and parking outside schools, produced by parents and students at Bridgewater along with other Berkhamsted schools (Ashlyns, Greenway, Westfield, Victoria and St Mary's Northchurch), supported by Hertfordshire County Council.