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Year 3 - Owl

1. Key Information for Owl Class


In this section you will find a quick reference guide to your class including your Forest School and Wheelie Wednesday rotation, letters and uniform requirements. There is also a copy of the welcome booklet for your class - please do refer to it throughout the year because it contains lots of useful information about what to expect in this class, how long homework should take each week, samples of age-appropriate handwriting and more. 

Your teachers in Owl class are:


Mr Matthew Griffiths

Miss Sarah Brydon

Mrs Sarah Ansell

The Welcome Booklet for Owl class is here:

Letters for Owl class can be found here:

Forest school rotation for Autumn Term 2017


Year 3   Mondays




4  September

Forest School



11 September


Forest School


18 September



Forest School

25 September

Forest School



2 October


Forest School


9 October



Forest School

16 October

Forest School



Wheelie Wednesday

Wheelie Wednesday will be starting again later this term so keep an eye out for more information!

Use of planners

Planners should be checked daily for notes from school and any notes for teachers, including collection arrangements, should be noted in the planner. Reading (including book title and chapter or page numbers) should be recorded at least 3 times a week in planners and initialled by parents. Planners need to be signed by parents at the end of each week ready for the teacher’s signature on Monday morning. Pupils must take responsibility for ensuring this happens every week.

Home Learning


Year 3

  • Spelling task
  • Reading
  • Maths or Literacy Task
  • **Creative Learning Tasks


  • Daily Practise
  • 30 minutes per week; in 2 or 3 sessions
  • Up to 20 minutes weekly


Uniform requirements

A full list of the school's uniform requirements is on the school website here []. In Year 3, points to note are:


Core school uniform No special notes for this class

1. Large book bag with shoulder strap (school logo optional)

2. Drawstring PE bag (school logo optional)

PE / games

Trainers not plimsolls. Football boots may be required for some activities. 

Team Bridgewater kit Pupils in this year group who represent the school in sports matches such as cross country, football or netball tournaments may wear "Team Bridgewater" kit (short sleeved t-shirts, hooded tops and showerproof jackets). This is all optional and available from our online supplier only. The school has a number of Team Bridgewater t-shirts available to those representing it at events.


Please note - Rucksacks should only be brought in for kit/equipment for lunchtime or after-school clubs.

2. What is going on in Owl class?


Your class teacher will update this page at least once per term with photos and information on recent events or activities. 


Ancient Greek WOW day

On Thursday 30th March, Year 3 had their WOW day to conclude their topic 'Ancient Life'. We all dressed up as Ancient Greek people. We learnt about the Battle of Marathon, we were the Greeks and the Persians were trying to take over our land. Through the day we kept getting information from the battlefield which told what happening. Unfortunately, we kept hearing that most of our soldiers were being killed in the battle and we were losing! While we were crafting objects for the God Athena, we discovered two spies in our community. We put them on trial in our democracy, but only the two magistrates and Mr Griffiths were able to vote because in Ancient Greece no slaves, foreigners, girls or children were allowed a vote. The decision was that the two spies would be thrown from the mountain at 4 O'Clock (but this didn't actually happen!). 


During the afternoon, we learnt that our Greek army had began winning the battle against the Persians and by the end of our banquet we discovered through a messenger that we were victorious! We had an amazing day and had lots of things to take home at the end of the day. We were all very proud of our creations. Have a look through the pictures below to see what fun we had.

Red Nose Day for Comic Relief

Let me hear say "Come on it's Red Nose Day!"


On Friday 24th March we came into school with red clothes on to support Comic Relief. We also went on a nose hunt around school which was lots of fun. We sang our Red Nose Day song in assembly and Mr Griffiths and Mr Wheeler made a Comic Relief video photobombing the teachers with red noses on! It was a great day with lots of laughter.

Picture 1
Picture 2

Topic and DT


We have been busy making ancient Greek laurel wreaths in preparation for our WOW day next week! We used green card, scissors, glue and felt tips to add detail. 

Picture 1
Picture 2

Topic and Art - Ancient Greek vases

In topic we have been learning about the Ancient Greeks. In art we have started to make paper mache Greek vases which we know are historical artefacts. Here's some pictures of us getting messy!

Eco competition!

For our home learning last week we took part in the Eco council's competition to make something useful out of something you would usual throw away. Take a look at some of our entries below:

Science - Owl pellets!


In science we have been learning about food chains. We each looked in an owl pellet which are the bones and fur that they cannot digest. The were a little bit gross to start with but fun to look at. Take a look at what we found below.