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Year 4 - Teal

1. Key Information for Teal Class


In this section you will find a quick reference guide to your class including your Forest School rotation, letters and uniform requirements. There is also a copy of the welcome booklet for your class - please do refer to it throughout the year because it contains lots of useful information about what to expect in this class, how long homework should take each week, samples of age-appropriate handwriting and more. 

The teaching staff in Teal class are:


Mrs Thea George

Mrs Rachel Blackie (Teaching Assistant)

The Welcome Booklet for Teal class is here:

Meet the teacher presentation - September 2020

Letters for Teal class can be found here:
You can find your child's Forest School Timetable here.

Use of planners

Planners are to be used to record reading at home and this should include the book title and chapter, or page numbers and should be recorded at least 3 times a week and initialled by parents. Planners need to be signed by parents at the end of each week ready for the teacher to review. 

Planners may also be used for notifying us of changes of going home arrangements etc. Alternatively, you can email or leave a message on the school's answer machine. 

As part of our preparation for the children's transition to secondary school, during upper Key Stage 2 teachers may ask pupils to note reminders in their planners e.g. items that they need to bring into school, such as resources for a project in their planners, to encourage them to be independent and to take responsibility. 

Home Learning


Year 4

  • Spelling task
  • Reading
  • Maths or Literacy
  • **Creative Learning Tasks


  • Daily Practise
  • 30 minutes per week; in 2 or 3 sessions
  • Up to 20 minutes weekly


Year 4 Spelling List

RSE Curriculum

This year we will continue to teach the children using materials from our updated Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) scheme. This edition of ‘Teaching RSE with Confidence in Primary Schools’ reflects the recent developments in SRE and the Science National Curriculum. This resource encourages children to develop the skills of listening, empathy, talking about feelings and relationships with families and friends.


All the lessons have a clear structure and are age appropriate. The lesson plans have clear aims and learning outcomes with suggested additional activities and accompanying resources. During Summer 2021 term, year 4 will be taught the year 3 and 4 curriculum for RSE as we were not able to teach the RSE curriculum last year due to lockdown. 


Year 3: Valuing Differences and Keeping Safe:

Body differences

Personal space

Help & support


Year 4: Growing up


What is puberty

Healthy relationships

Uniform requirements

A full list of the school's uniform requirements is on the school website here. In Year 4, points to note are:


Core school uniform No special notes for this class

1. Bridgewater School rucksack

2. Drawstring PE bag (school logo optional)

PE / games

Trainers not plimsolls. Football boots may be required for some activities. 

Team Bridgewater kit Pupils in this year group who represent the school in sports matches such as cross country, football or netball tournaments may wear "Team Bridgewater" kit (short sleeved t-shirts, hooded tops and showerproof jackets). This is all optional and available from our online supplier only. The school has a number of Team Bridgewater t-shirts available to those representing it at events.


2. What is going on in Teal class?


Your class teacher will update this page at least once per term with photos and information on recent events or activities. 

In Teal class we've sadly come to the end of our learning about the Romans. After a half term of history, we will do an exciting geography topic next! I wanted to save this picture of our working wall for posterity, because so much of the material on there has been produced by the children, much of it at home, using PowerPoint, without being asked to! We were so impressed with the children's levels of interest and their history and presentation skills!

To keep the children calm before our exciting Romans WOW day, we asked them to make posters and mind maps of everything they know about the Romans. Look how many facts they came up with! What fabulous Year 4 historians!

Inspired by a beautiful illustration in the book we are currently reading in English (The King Who Banned the Dark), the children made firework pictures using black sugar paper and oil pastels. As always, the children showed their brilliant creativity, by taking a basic idea and making it their own, each achieving super results!

In our DT lessons this half term we have been learning how to make levers. The children each made four different types of lever, understanding which parts needed to pivot and which were fixed. Then they incorporated one or more of the lever types into their scenes, using the levers to create moving characters.

As part of our learning about the Romans, we studied aqueducts - how they were built, what they were for and how they worked. Then the children used everyday materials to create their own aqueducts, capable of transporting 'water' (ping pong balls!). The children were super-inventive and built some highly effective aqueducts!

Our science investigation into tooth decay using eggs is complete and here are the results! The children put eggs in different liquids and closely monitored the changes to the egg shells over a number of days. Like true scientists, they made predictions and analysed and explained their findings using scientific language. They also enjoyed squeezing the rather disgusting eggs at the very end!

To start off our learning about the human digestive system, we went to the playground, drew around each other using chalk, and added to our human shapes every part of the digestive system we knew about and could name! The children displayed an impressive prior knowledge about digestion!

Inspired by the Anglo-Saxon poem Beowulf, the children were given free rein to create a picture using materials of their choice to represent the evil monster Grendel. Some quite scary results!

Making rune stones during outdoor classroom day, as part of our Anglo-Saxon learning.

During cultural diversity week, Teal's country was Greece. Among many other activities, we made Greek butter cookies (Kourabiedes) and we learned about the role of the Chorus in Greek Tragedy. The children donned masks and learned to speak lines from real plays in unison, while moving in sync as well!